Why All Instagrammers Should Blog

We love to follow different Instagram accounts to get new inspirations about photography, food or travels. It is really impressive how many beautiful Instagram accounts are out there and how much love and effort people put into their accounts. But I often recognize that many Instagrammers don’t have their own website or blog next to their social media account. I think this is really sad, since there are a number of good reasons for always building your own, independent web platform (on your own domain) next to a social media account like Instagram. Here are the reasons I can think of:

You Set The Rules

On your own website you are the boss and you can do what you want and all contents belong to you only. You can set as many links as you like, which is not possible on Instagram and of course also decide which format your posts should have. And you can also grow your own website, so that later on you could even build your own business on this foundation.
Therefore I always would recommend to start your own website/blog as soon as possible, so that you can grow a regular readership yourself over time.

More Creative Freedom

Another good reason to have your own blog next to Instagram is that you have so much more creative freedom to publish posts in all the ways you want. You can publish posts with lots of pictures in a series or an image gallery, write longer texts that are pleasant to read, post recipes, audio streams and videos even all at once, if you like.

Sell Your Own Products Or Services

If you like to sell something, you can always add an online shop to your website and maybe sell an ebook or other products later on. If your Instagram account is or gets pretty successful and you have lots of followers, this is an amazing opportunity to maybe even turn your hobby into your profession.

Show Your Personality

On a blog your followers also get the chance to get to know you even better. You can write a detailed About page and tell people more about you and of course on blog posts you have also the possibility to write longer personal posts.

What Is Your Opinion

That are probably only a few of the reasons, why it’s so worth it to create your own blog next to your Instagram. What do you think? Are you also disappointed, if a great Instagram account doesn’t have their own website or blog? I always love to know more about the person behind the account, so I always click on the website link, if there is on in the profile.

Are you an Instagrammer yourself or do you know further reasons, why Instagrammers should blog, too? Please just write me in the comments below, I would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. I agree, of course. As a long-time blogger, I feel the same way about all of your points and would add that social platforms lose their steam at some point. It’s always better to own your own real estate on the web.

    1. Hi Brett,
      thanks so much for your comment and your feedback, yes, you are sooo right. I think for most of us, it’s no problem to manage both, social media platforms and your own blog and you don’t even need to write a lot. But it just feels good and it’s important, too, to have your own space on the web that totally belongs to you :)
      Best, Ellen

  2. Jozef Marko

    I agree, it’s important to have a blog. But even more important is to post good quality content to Instagram. E.g. I use LikelyAI to help me to choose the right pictures to post, which one will perform better.

    1. Hi Jozef,
      thanks so much for your feedback! I just had a look at the app you mentioned, I never heard of it before. I have to admit though That I’m actually not too into this, since I use Instagram as a creative platform, too. And I think it’s most important that the content comes from your heart and is meant honestly, instead of measured by performance. But that’s just my opinion of course :)
      Best, Ellen

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