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Weta: A Magazine & WooCommerce Shop WordPress Theme by Elmastudio

We are happy to finally introduce our latest WordPress theme Weta for magazines, blogs and WooCommerce shops to you! Weta has a beautiful, minimal, clean design and lots of practical features, so that you can easily build your own, individual WordPress website. The custom Weta Front page gives you the freedom to create just the layout you need. And with easy-to-use custom Weta widgets like the Author, Quote, Post Slider or Recent Post widget, you can really highlight and feature your content in a special way. Of course you can also use the WooCommerce product widgets to show your shop products on the Front page.

We are so happy to finally be able to offer you an Elmastudio theme with WooCommerce support, since many of you have ask for this since a long time. With Weta you can now create a WordPress shop with a clean and minimal design.

The Custom Front Page

The custom Weta Front page gives you the power to create your individual website layout. You can show your best posts in Featured Post sliders (you can use multiple sliders in the different widget areas), filter your posts by categories in the Weta Post widget (you can even choose a random display option for your posts), show the authors of your website and include quotes and of course your featured shop products on the Front page.

Weta Custom Front Page Options

You can choose which of the Weta Front page widget areas you like to use. You have three big, single column widget areas, a widget area with a left-aligned sidebar and one with a right-aligned sidebar to choose from. You don’t need to fill all widget areas with content, you can just choose the once you like the most or even show all your content in one big single-column layout.

The WooCommerce Shop

We are very happy to finally offer you a theme with shop support. Until now we never felt ready to tackle the shop-theme subject, but we actually had fun with it and like the clean, minimal approach of the Weta WooCommerce shop functionality. Since we already use WooCommerce here on Elmastudio anyways, it also was not so much new things to get used to.

You can use Weta as a Magazine/blog and shop theme combination or of course only use the WooCommerce shop feature of the theme alone. The default shop template of Weta is a three-column full width layout, but with the help of the Weta Front page you can also show your shop in a layout with left-or right-aligned sidebar.


It was important to us to create a clean and uncluttered cart and checkout page template, therefore both templates have a full width page design.

Weta Product Page

Weta WooCommerce Cart

The Theme Options

in the Weta theme options wanted to include a lot of things we learned from our previous themes and from the feedback we received from you.

Therefore we offer a number of new, helpful theme options, that you will hopefully like. In the customizer you can e.g. find the options to fix-position the main menu, show an additional small logo icon in the main menu or show extra WooCommerce shop elements in the header.


You can also choose to hide Featured Images on single posts, show automatic excerpts on the blog or/and on archive pages and show a Read More link in posts on the Front page. Of course you can also customize colors like the header and footer background color or even the background colors of the custom Weta widgets.

Further Theme Features

An additional special theme feature of Weta is the Subscribe widget area. You can include the Jetpack Subscription widget here to show a Subscribe form in a cool light box design.


Video Posts in Weta

Weta also offers support for Video post formats, by showing a small play icon in the Featured Images of video posts. Featured Images are also hidden by default on single posts.

Your Feedback

We hope you like our new Weta theme. Of course you can also use Weta as a simple blog-only theme (with or without sidebar), chose from a number of page templates and additional typography styles. Just have a look at the Weta live demo or the Weta theme page to purchase Weta or our Theme Bundle directly.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Please just let us know, if you have any suggestions or find a bug in the theme.

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    1. Hi Bolaji,
      thanks so much for your feedback, so happy you like our Weta shop theme. If you have any questions, please just let uns know!
      Best, Ellen & Manuel

    1. Hi Damiaan,
      ganz vielen Dank für dein Feedback, es freut mich total, dass dir Weta gefällt :)
      Ganz viele Grüße,

  1. Hi! Wonderful theme! I would like to know if I can use it only as a blog without the shop option? Is this possible? Thank you!

    1. Hi Laura,
      thank you so much, I’m happy you like Weta! Yes, of course, the shop is only an additional option. You can only use Weta with posts and build a magazine-style Front page or even just use the default blog layout (like you see it under “Blog” in the live demo).
      Best, Ellen

    1. Hi Kevin,
      thanks so much for your recommendations and your great feedback, so happy you like the Weta theme. Please let me know, if you have any further questions about the theme. And I hope we can make it again to the next meetup :)
      Best, Ellen

  2. Belen

    This is beautiful! Will you also be making it available for If so, when?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Belen, Hi Carrie,
      we are working on it at the moment, we can’t promise it right now, but I will let you know, as soon as we have further news.
      Best, Ellen

  3. Mivi

    Thank you so much for this beautiful theme! Your designs never disappoint. I love each one and I can’t wait to use this! Thank you once more.

  4. Hi everyone,
    I just want to let you know, that we released an important theme update for Weta today fixing an issue with fonts missing in Firefox (Windows) and Internet Explorer. Please update to the new theme version, here are the details regarding the update.
    Best, Ellen

  5. Heya! Really nice theme! Is it possible to have a blog (and blog posts) without sidebar in this theme? Thanks and good luck with sellings!

  6. Hello El & Ma,

    I wonder if I can get help or insight on this issue: the menu (the 3 lines icon under header) in mobile browser / narrower display doesn’t work. When I click it, nothing appears. :”( It’s pretty crucial because I use the primary menu for category :”( Sorry if this is not the right place for asking technical stuff but I really like the theme and hope that I can use it properly.

    And yes, I’ve been using theme from Elmastudio for years… from Ari, to now Weta :”) Love your themes very much :”)

  7. Florence

    Hello Ellen!

    We will be ready in a few weeks to release our new website, based on your Weta theme and are quite looking forward to it! But I have a question regarding the size of the image in the products catalog. Is it possible to make them “visually” smaller? If I modify the image size, the images become blurry but not “visually” smaller… Thank you very much for your answer!

  8. Hi! I am loving this theme!

    What widget do you use for Instagram in the live demo? I can’t find any widget that looks as elegant as yours.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Vulpecula

    Sehr schönes Theme!
    Gibt es Neuigkeiten dazu, ob und wann dieses Theme auf verfügbar sein wird?

    Liebe Grüße!

  10. Franz

    Hallo Ellen!

    Erstmal: Ein sehr schönes Theme. Eine sehr gute Basis für unser neues Projekt. :)

    Ein Frage (mit WooCommerce beschäftige ich mich jetzt zum ersten mal), wie kann ich die Shop-Kategorien einfach im Menü integrieren.

    In der Doku von WooCommerce sieht das so einfach aus:

    Aber in meiner Installation habe ich leider nicht diese Möglichkeit das so hinzuzufügen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin.

  11. Hallo Ellen, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Post Slider.
    Es wird nichts angezeigt, egal welche Schlagwörter ich benutze. Meine Bilder sind ebenfalls gross genug für den Slider. Ich weiss echt nicht, an was das liegen könnte & würde mich daher sehr über eine Antwort freuen!

    Liebe Grüsse,

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