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      1. Hi Elma.

        I just add the Transposh plugin to website. Now, I would like to add this widget to the top menu, beside the social menu. Can you help me to do this please? Thank you very much!

  1. Stacey

    Hi Elma, I just downloaded the theme. Is the text documentation available too? I can’t find it in the list. Thanks!

    1. Hi Stacey,
      I’m so sorry for that, I will upload the text doc + a video tutorial to explain the theme features first thing tomorrow morning. I will write here to let you know when the docs are available. If you have any questions at the moment, please just let me know and I will help you out here.
      Thanks so much for your patience!
      Best, Ellen

      1. Stacey

        No problem! I was just wondering how I can get the small images next to the slider on the top? And the rows Featured and Travels & stories? I’m not able to re-create it, hehe. Love the theme!! Thanks!

        1. Hi Stacey,
          the video tutorial for Weta is online by now:
          Regarding the small images next to the slider, this is a new “Weta: Recent Posts” widget in the “Sidebar 1” widget area. You can use the 2,3 or 4 column post layout with text on the right in any sidebar to get this layout.
          “Featured” is a “Weta: Post Slider” widget and “Travels & Stories” is the Weta Post widget with the post layout one-column with text on the right.
          Best, Ellen

    1. Hi Mariana,
      thanks you sooo much for your feedback, yes of course, it’s already included in the bundle. You can just download the bundle using your original download link. If you lost the email including your link, please just write me a short message and I will send it to you again.
      Best, Ellen

  2. Thank you for a wonderful theme, I like it here. It is clean and has a lot of possibilities.
    Tell me how I change the color of a link, I’m doing and there is no change. Did I do something wrong?
    Lots of luck to you

    1. Hi Gratiana,
      thanks so much for your great feedback, I’m happy you like Weta! I just tested the link color option and found a bug in the option. I will prepare a small first update for Weta to fix this issue on Monday. I’m so sorry for this! Please have a look at our theme update info blog to find out, when the updated theme version will be available.
      Thanks for your patience!
      Best, Ellen

      1. Ellen, it’s really great about, I know how much work was with him. Preparing for change lest use it. Therefore I tested.
        We are also there to help to perfect. I adore him.
        Lucky for you

  3. Hallo Ellen,

    ich habe lange nach einem passenden theme fuer ein neues Projekt mit woocommerce gesucht und muss sagen, dein “weta” kam genau zur richtigen Zeit. Genau das, wonach ich gesucht habe. Eine technische Frage haette ich jedoch: Die Blog-Sidebar Widgets werden bei den Produkten nicht angezeigt, sondern lediglich nur auf den angelegten Seiten. Sind hier Probleme bekannt ? Ist es auch moeglich, bei Produktauflistungen eine Sidebar zu aktivieren, wenn diese nicht als “frontpage” deklariert sind ? LG Stefan

    1. Hi Stefan,
      thanks so much for your great feedback, so happy you like the Weta theme! At the moment we only offer a full width shop theme (without sidebar), but we might be adding a shop template with sidebar later on.

      In general we opted for a more clean and modern full width shop layout. But you are right, as an option this would be a great idea.
      Best, Ellen

      1. thanks for your reply, Ellen. A sidebar in the products and products listing are really great and , in my opinion, really important.
        I have noticed too late, that there is en extra comment side in german ;)
        Alles Gute, Stefan

  4. frank

    hi ellen,the link for your weta-textdocumentation goes only to these themesite, not to a pdf.
    And under theme documentations is no file for weta…

    Gruß Frank

  5. viktoria


    I love this, but I´m wondering about a few thing – is it possible to use the theme without WooCommers? And if so, what happens to the cart, will it be visible?

    I´m planning on opening a shop later on, but want to use the theme as a magazine/blog first.


    Best regards

    1. Hi Viktoria,
      thanks so much for your great feedback! Yes, of course you can also use Weta as a blog theme only or also use the Custom Front page to feature your posts in a Magazine style. You don’t need to use the WooCommerce plugin, it’s just an additional theme feature :)
      Best, Ellen

  6. Sandy

    Hi Ellen, the weta theme is exactly what I was looking for but did not exist! Just wanted to ask if I will be able to have a bilingual site (English and traditional Chinese ) with this theme? I’m completely new to Wp. Thanks

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks so much and please excuse my late reply to you, so sorry for this! Unfortunately WordPress does not come with a multilingual option by default, but you can use a plugin for the translations. We use WPML (its a Premium plugin) here on Elmastudio for our translations.

      Weta will work with all translation plugins from my experience. You can find more infos on available options here:
      Best, Ellen

      1. Klaus

        Hi Ellen,

        based on this post we choose WPML as our choice for our bilingual page (English / German).

        WPML translates all fine, but not the widgets. I you insert “Latest blog posts” in a widget WPML offers the string for translations and the string can be translated. But on the German page it is shown in English.

        Bug or mistake of us?

        Thanks a lot.

        Best Klaus

      2. Fabrice

        Hi Ellen, one of my client is interested with the WETA theme. They already have a WP site in both english and german. Is WETA 100% compatible with WPML?
        They have 200+ existing articles on their site and before going forward with WETA, I want to be sure I can use all WPML functionalities so we don’t have to recreate all german articles.

        1. Fabrice

          Hi Ellen, can you confirm the 100% WPML compatibility with WETA theme pls?

  7. Mark

    Thank you, Ellen!
    Is it possible to remove “Front” and “Blog” pages from main menu without removing its content?

    1. Hi Eryk,

      thanks so much for letting me know and I’m very sorry for this issue. I just researched about it and found that somehow the font we use can have an issue in Firefox browsers on Window. I will find a solution asap, in the meantime, you can use a first workaround and include the following custom CSS (using this methods for custom CSS):

      body {
      font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Arial, sans-serif !important;

      Thanks so much for your patience!
      Best, Ellen

    2. Hi Eryk, I’m just testing an updated version for Weta to fix this issue with the font. If you like to test it live, before I will release it, please let me know and I can send you the theme file directly via email. Please just write me here.
      Thanks so much!
      Best, Ellen

  8. Lu

    Hi Ellen,

    Nice theme!

    Can we change de fonts of this Meta? Like other google fonts?

    Btw, have you solved the problem of wedget translation and the issu on firefox browser?

    Thank you.



  9. Hi everyone,
    I just want to let you know, that we released an important theme update for Weta today fixing an issue with fonts missing in Firefox (Windows) and Internet Explorer. Please update to the new theme version, here are the details regarding the update.
    Best, Ellen

  10. Hi Elmastudio,

    Weta looks like a great theme, a nice evolution of Zuki.

    I was wondering if you will be offering Weta through And, if you are, then when will it be available.


  11. Hello Ellen & Manuel,

    I really love this theme and I’m using it for my blog. Thank you! However, when it turned to smaller window / mobile version, the menu wouldn’t show up. (the menu which should come if you click the 3 lines icon)

    Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Thanks :)

  12. May

    Dear Ellen,

    I ove your design work. So happy to have discovered your studio.
    Can you tell me please how to disable comments on Weta pages?

    Thank you,

  13. Hello,
    Could you please tell me how did you filter posts for “Featured Posts” section on the demo page? Thanks.

  14. Hi Ellen,
    Now I have onigiri theme but this theme (weta) is wonderfull . It is clean, simple and very complete. In a few days I’ll buy it . I wanted to ask if you could tell me the size of the logo image in pixels. I’ve read the document and not find it.
    Finally congratulations for the work :)
    I’m so sorry because my English is very bad, I hope you can understand me .


  15. Cellyn

    Hello Ellen,

    I just bought the weta theme, and I was wondering how do I change the navigation links colour?


  16. Hi Ellen,
    I’m using Weta now but I noticed that the small share icons aligned on the bottom right of each post are missing. I only see share icons when I click to view one post. Is there a way to make sure that the small icons show up also?

  17. Hi, I have almost finalized a bilingual site using WETA theme. It looks nice but I have an issue with the “Weta Recent posts” widget in the Sidebar 1 of the second language.

    I have added 4 categories to filter this widget. It works perfectly fine on the english version of the site but when I switch to the secondary language, only the first category in the list actually displays.

    Note that I use WPML and all translation strings have been done.

    I can send some screenshot in a PM if needed.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?


  18. Shayne

    Is there a way to add a sidebar to the shop page so you can filter product categories? I haven’t found that this is possible.

    1. Hi Shayne,

      unfortunately at the moment the shop doesn’t have a sidebar option, but we are thinking about adding this option, since a lot of customers are asking about it. I will post here again, as soon as I have updates on any new features for Weta.

      Best, Ellen

  19. Tallis

    This looks like a beautiful theme :-). Are there any plans to make it available on
    (Please say yes!)

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