Finally we’re ready to present our Elmastudio website redesign to you. We use our latest WordPress theme Moka as the basis theme for our redesign, but added several custom page templates (like our theme pages, a new about page and the shop pages). Over all the new Elmastudio design has a lot more white, open space, which makes the content easier to read and features our blog posts and WordPress themes a lot better.

With our new redesign, we focused on a better readability and white space.

Since the Moka theme offers a custom front page template, we have now a lot more possibilities to feature different kind of content on our front page. Our WordPress theme pages have also offer a lot more space and we could arrange the information on the theme pages more clearly.

We also redesigned our Elmastudio logo to fit into the left aligned main sidebar, which is fixed positioned on desktop screens. This way it is very easy to reach our most important pages and the language switcher via the links in the sidebar at all times. To put more effort into our about page was also very important for us, since it felt a bit neglected until now.

Over the next days we will continue to work on some further details of our redesign and of course we would be very happy, if you let us know in case you find any errors or bugs. Hopefully you like our new website design as much as we do. We are looking forward to your feedback!