Redesign Time – A New Design for Elmastudio

Finally we’re ready to present our Elmastudio website redesign to you. We use our latest WordPress theme Moka as the basis theme for our redesign, but added several custom page templates (like our theme pages, a new about page and the shop pages). Over all the new Elmastudio design has a lot more white, open space, which makes the content easier to read and features our blog posts and WordPress themes a lot better.

With our new redesign, we focused on a better readability and white space.

Since the Moka theme offers a custom front page template, we have now a lot more possibilities to feature different kind of content on our front page. Our WordPress theme pages have also offer a lot more space and we could arrange the information on the theme pages more clearly.

We also redesigned our Elmastudio logo to fit into the left aligned main sidebar, which is fixed positioned on desktop screens. This way it is very easy to reach our most important pages and the language switcher via the links in the sidebar at all times. To put more effort into our about page was also very important for us, since it felt a bit neglected until now.

Over the next days we will continue to work on some further details of our redesign and of course we would be very happy, if you let us know in case you find any errors or bugs. Hopefully you like our new website design as much as we do. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. Like I said on Facebook: I like it a lot! It looks very clean and fresh (but all of your Designs do)!

    BTW I’m a total Yoko-Fan and I use it on two sites, soon on a third :-) THANK YOU you guys are brilliant :-D

    1. Hi Stef,

      thank you so much for your feedback regarding our redesign and sorry I didn’t reply earlier to your Namba theme question. I just replied now :) Best, Ellen

  2. Hi Ellen, congrats on the new redesign! It seems that the “Quick specs” section previously included along with the theme documentation is now missing, which I think is a pity: it’s so useful to manage your images, etc. Any chance you could add it again? Would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. @Vincente: Thanks a lot for your helpful feedback, yes you are so right, the theme sizes are very useful and they actually should still be available on most theme documentations. On which theme did you not find it, so I can add it again?

      I’m also working on an overview page for all theme docs right now, so users can have faster access to all documentations. I think I will have the docs page ready by the the beginning of next week.

      Best, Ellen

  3. Hello Ellen,

    Your website looks really nice and clean, all the things that I have been searching from a WP Theme! I bought Moka yesterday and I was super exited until I realized that there is no side bar ? or there is and I just don’t know how to put more than a menu. I also realized that the social icons can only be places at the bottom. Maybe I just picked the wrong theme… I have looked at the Namba theme and it has a side bar. I just prefere the simple white and black of Moka :( Is there anything I can do? Can I place at least the social Icons on one side?

    Hope you can help, I really want it to work! :/

    1. Hi Cyndi,

      Thank you so much for your great feedback, yes, I’m sorry, but the Moka theme has only a title + menu option for the left sidebar. All other widgets can only be placed in the 3-column footer area or there are also custom front page widgets available.

      Yes, Namba instead has a sidebar option to place all the widgets in the sidebar area. You could also try to customize Moka to show the social links below the search form, by changing the header.php file (it would be best to use a child theme then). You would need to add the following code below the line 50 for the search form.

      <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘footer-sidebar-4’ ) ) : ?>
      <div id="sidebar-footer-four" class="widget-area">
      <?php dynamic_sidebar( ‘footer-sidebar-4’ ); ?>
      </div><!– .widget-area –>
      <?php endif; ?>

      Of course, since you just bought Moka yesterday, you can also decide to use our 30 days refund option for Moka and change to the Namba theme. If you like to do that, please just write me a short note via our contact form.

      I hope my answer was helpful. Best, Ellen

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