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Zeitreise: Our new clean and minimal Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme

We are super happy to present our newest WordPress theme “Zeitreise” to you today. Zeitreise is a clean, modern and minimal Business and Portfolio theme with a responsive design, so that your website is optimized for small mobile devices and big widescreen monitors alike.

The Zeitreise theme design is clean, simple and modern with a lot of whitespace, so that your website will be a true eye catcher. Zeitreise also comes with lots of options that are especially useful for business and portfolio websites, like an amazing customizable Front page.

The Front Page

The custom Front page is one of the biggest theme highlights, especially since you can add a full-screen image slider (or one big header image) at the top of the page. This way you can welcome your website visitors with some beautiful, atmospheric impressions of your business or your artwork.

You can also show a number of your latest portfolio projects on the Front page, as well as your latest blog posts, including featured sticky posts. You can also show a team member area and a slider with testimonials. Of course all elements on the Front page are optional, so you can decide how your Front page should look like.

Zeitreise Front Page
The Zeitreise Front page sections.

Overlay-Area and Footer

Zeitreise comes with a beautiful, clean and modern overlay area, which holds your main menu and a widget area. This way the main website looks calm and is not disturbing with too much information and your visitors still have all necessary information available via the fix-positioned menu button on the top right of the website.

The overlay with the main menu and a widget area.
The overlay with the main menu and a widget area.

Since some information is especially important to show on business websites (like a contact info, your address or phone number and a newsletter form), you can add those infos in the three-column footer widget area of the theme. You can also add your social sites via the Footer Social links menu.

The Portfolio

You will need the free Jetpack plugin in order to use the Zeitreise Portfolio and testimonial features. After you installed the plugin and activated the Custom Content type “Portfolio” in the settings, you can start to add your portfolio projects to your website.

You can feature your latest projects on the Front page and show all your projects using the Portfolio page template. You can show your portfolio in a one-, two- or three-column layout by choosing the option in the Customizer (under Theme Options/ Portfolio).

The Portfolio (showing the three-column grid layout) and die Team Page Template.
The Portfolio (showing the three-column grid layout) and die Team Page Template.

Further Page Templates and Theme Highlights

Next to the Front page and the Portfolio you can also create a Team page (using the Team page template) and the Team widgets in the Team widget area. And Zeitreise also comes with a Services page template, so that can also feature the services you offer in a beautiful custom layout.

Testimonials can be included on the Front page using the Jetpack Testimonials Custom Content Type. You can set the number of testimonials you want to show on the Front page in the Theme Options.

Your Feedback

We hope you like our new Zeitreise theme and you have already ideas how to use the theme. Have a look at the Zeitreise live demo to explore all theme features further. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know, we would love to hear from you!

All Zeitreise image measurements:
Portfolio: width 1280px
Blog posts: width 1005px
Sticky posts (on the front page): 2010px width
Services images: 1280px width

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  1. Portfolio pages in an elmastudio theme, wonderful! Just what I was waiting for. Can’t wait to try this theme out in a test install. Considering to switch from the excellent Zuki theme.

  2. Simon

    I have sent a msg via contact in this blog
    I have tried to register the forum but impossible, because it won’t send me emails even when I tried using other emails.
    There’s seem to be no way to get to you lol

    1. Hi Simon,
      I’m so sorry the relay in answering your question. Usually it’s best to ask all theme questions directly in the forum, so I just created a new forum login for you. You should have received it via email.
      Best, Ellen

  3. bunny


    I’m interested in this buying theme for a small business. It’s gorgeous.

    I was wondering what you would recommend doing if I already have logo and typography for my business? I would like viewers to see it immediately.

    I’m not sure where I would insert it into this theme!

    Thank you!

  4. Hi,

    On your documentation page you recommend using a certain method for reducing image size (PS, Jpeg Mini).

    Given that WordPress/themes create different image sizes upon upload, what is your recommended server image compression tool?

    All the best, Thorir

  5. Hello,

    I am using the theme already for our IWPA photo award. (
    We need to present the portfolio of the 11 laureates and I am struggling how to present them. Ideally I would like one large photo (full screen) and under artist statement and the others photos smaller (3 visuals together).
    – should I use “portfolio” ? one for the 11 laureates
    – Team widgets (already use for the Jury) can I create an other one ?
    – Or a sticky post ?

    Also note that we need only one Menu button “result” that will be using for all the different portfolio.

    Looking forward for your feedback and advise
    All the best, laure

    1. Hello Laure,
      I’m so happy that you like our Zeitreise theme, I think it fits perfectly to the website! Regarding your questions:
      I would probably use the posts section in this case, since here you can use sticky posts (I think it’s what you already did, too). Please let me know, if you have further questions or if I misunderstood what you planed to do.
      Thanks so much!
      Best, Ellen

  6. Wangui

    Hi Ellen,

    I am considering using the theme for a personal website. I am transitioning from a personal blog and expanding what I put out to include options for consultancies and portfolio projects.

    One question or comment I have is regarding the blog section of the theme. It doesn’t seem to be very wide in the options possible. For example, I would love to have a section highlighting featured posts (which there is on the homepage, but also would be useful on the blog page), and one with dates to indicate when posts were made. Also something with categories and possibly tags? Would these be possible to do with widgets that are specific to the blog section, or is there another way to have these?

    Thank you!

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