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WordPress for Newbies #1: The Read More Tag

With todays video we want to start a little “WordPress for Beginners” videos series to help users who just start with WordPress. Step by step we will explain the most important WordPress features and share tips on how to how to manage your own WordPress website, change a theme, update plugins, create custom menus and much more. In the first video I explain to you how to use the WordPress Read More tag.

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I hope you liked the first tutorial of the series. If you have any ideas or suggestions for further video tutorials, please let us know. We would love to include your ideas, just write a comment here on the post!

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  1. Hallo,

    mach doch die Tutorials in Deutsch, gibt schon genug in Englisch und viele Kunden wünschen sich deutsche Tutorials.

  2. Thank you for your tutorial. It was perfect.
    I am just changing my career from event design to landscape design.
    I am changing my website to a blog.
    And I’m either going to use the Cocoa or Moka theme – so beautiful, thank you.

    My question: do you have a tutorial that starts at the very beginning of the process? I don’t know how WordPress works. Do they host my blog? Do I need another company to do so? How do I turn off my website at exactly the same time I turn on my blog?

    These questions are, no doubt, very elementary. But I can seem to find out how to do just the very basics.

    Any suggestions would be wonderful.
    Thank you,

  3. Jit

    Thank you so much, Ellen, for what you do. I’m new to WordPress and the whole thing initially looked a bit daunting to me but after choosing your theme and looked through some of the documentation and tutorials that you did, it really helped me and I’m more confident in using WordPress as a result. The Newbie video is really well-made, easy to understand and practical. Hope you’ll do more of this in the future. Thanks mate (from across the Tasman).

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