After we spend some quiet and relaxed last few days, we want to take the time here on the blog to wish you a Happy New Year and a creative start with lots of great ideas and new projects in 2015. We hope you had beautiful and relaxing holidays spending time with your family and friends, celebrating Christmas and New Year and maybe even crafting some first plans for the new year already.

We are very excited for 2015 and everything that lies ahead of us in this new year. Of course we are eager to continue working on our WordPress themes and a redesign for the Elmastudio website with our new Ponsonby theme is also planned shortly. While working on the redesign we will also prepare a business/shop upgrade for Ponsonby, so that you will be able to use Ponsonby for your business website or online shop (with WooCommerce) as well.

We also plan updates for all our older Elmastudio themes and we hope that our most recent themes Suidobashi, Onigiri and Ponsonby will be available for users in the upcoming weeks.

And even if there is always lots of work to do, the most important thing for us is to continue to have fun with what we do. We are so happy to have chosen to work as freelancers owning our own business and we are beyond grateful that we were and are able to build up Elmastudio to what it is today over the last years.

Just a short time ago, Elmastudio was nothing more than a small idea and we had to work our way up, slowly and step by step. But this not always easy path was so worth it and today we can say we would do it again, anytime, just the same way.

If you build something up from scratch, there are so many times you are unsure what to do next and which direction is the right one to go. Therefore we are very happy that we mostly took the time we needed, so that Elmastudio could grow naturally. If you plan to do your job for a long time and don’t look for a shortcut, there is no rush needed at least from our experience, even though it seems the opposite especially in the online world today. We learned that lesson in the recent years and with this motto we also feel the happiest to continue with our work to build our own little Elmastudio business. Maybe this advice is helpful to others, who are just starting out as freelancers or with their own blog project.

We hope that you will continue to have the most fun with our WordPress themes, blog posts and new Elmastudio projects in this new year. To a creative 2015!

Yours, Ellen & Manuel