Podcasting is everywhere – the exciting medium that combines blogging and audio. A podcast consists of a series of audio episodes, themed around a particular topic. Podcasts can be professional or amateur shows, with episodes featuring regular presenters, as well as guest speakers.

Podcasts have become a popular way for people to stay tuned into their favourite topics. Right now, podcasting is positively exploding, with listenership growing staggeringly every year.

The reason podcasts have so much appeal is because many of us are time poor. While we would like to read all our bookmarked online articles, we also want to utilise our time wisely.

Podcasts enable you to listen in wherever you are and whenever you like, whether you are commuting to work or doing household tasks. Further learning, interesting discussions, and entertainment are at your fingertips and can be listened to on demand. You simply subscribe to a show and pop on your headphones or crank up your speakers.

If you are a WordPress professional, freelancer, developer, designer or business owner who is after weekly sources of news and discussions or wants to keep up to date with WordPress trends and tech topics – then we recommend tuning into some of the following podcasts:

WordPress Weekly

WordPress Weekly is a live weekly podcast by WP Tavern that talks about all things WordPress. WP Tavern is a leading resource on WordPress, offering content covering all kinds of topics. The show is hosted by Jeff Chandler and John James Jacoby, who specialises in covering news throughout the WordPress community, as well as interviewing all of the smart people that make up the WordPress community.

WP The Podcast

WP The Podcast brings you daily ten minute episodes of actionable WordPress, business and marketing tips. Here you can make the most of quick tips in order to take your WordPress business to the next level.

WP Watercooler

WPwatercooler is an ever growing network of live streamed and recorded WordPress shows and podcasts. Each week host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing businesses and lives. This light-hearted edutainment show revolves around education as an accidental byproduct of entertainment.

The WP Crowd

The WP Crowd is a community of WordPress professionals who love to podcast, video cast and blog about WordPress topics. The WP Crowd was formed by a group of friends who met at WordPress conferences, and eventually turned that networking into a podcast.

Matt Report

Matt Report episodes can help you to better understand the WordPress ecosystem. Talks involve developers, designers, consultants and other business owners to learn from their success, and mistakes. If you’re looking for new strategies or tips for your WordPress powered business, this might be the place for you.

Site Success

The team at StudioPress and Copyblogger deliver you weekly insight on how to build thriving WordPress websites, focusing on content, design, technology, and strategy.

WP Elevation

The WP Elevation podcast is a premier WordPress business podcast, bringing you interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the WordPress industry to help you build a successful WordPress business. Podcasts are divvied up into the following business categories: Balance, Getting Clients, Growth, Processes, Recurring Revenue, Tech.

Your Website Engineer

A website doesn’t have to be the hardest part of owning a small business. This podcast offers an entertaining and informative look at creating a WordPress website for your business or personal blog. If you already have a website, this podcast can help you create a high quality site.

Kitchen Sink WordPress

Listen to host Adam Silver share his knowledge and passion for all things WordPress. Each episode offers information about upcoming events, tips, tricks, and tools. Episodes also feature interviews with developers, designers and small business owners who use WordPress.

Do The Woo – A WooCommerce Podcast

This podcast is all about WooCommerce, and of course, eCommerce. Hosts BobWP and Brad Williams talk everything Woo, plus other news in eCommerce that might affect your WooCommerce online store.

Feedback and questions
What podcasts do you subscribe to and of those which are your favourites for WordPress content? We look forward to your feedback and tips, just leave a comment.