Social Media Information Overload And How To Deal With It

Do you also often feel overwhelmed by all the posts, videos and pictures while searching or researching for something online? Do you also totally forget what you actually planned on doing, because you get distracted by all the exciting content you find?

For me I feel this way especially on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr or Pinterest. On the one side there is tons of interesting and inspiring content out there, but on the other hand it’s so much to take in that I fast feel uninspired and exhausted. I then tend to completely loose my focus and have a hard time to find back to the work I actually planed on doing at the time.

Since I still love these platforms and I think there are a lot of positive and inspiring things to see and to learn there, I have created a rule for myself that helps me to better deal with the information overload.

I only look at a small number of social media channels and accounts and completely ignore all the others. Of course there would be tons of further inspiring content for me to explore, but at the moment I only focus on a small amount of content that I find interesting and inspiring. For me less is more in this case, and this way I don’t feel distracted or drained by the amount of information and I can take away only the good things of social media.

This strategy of exactly monitoring the information I consume also leaves time for me to actually work on my own creative output. Otherwise I will just get lost consuming social media content and my whole free time will just be lost as well.

Of course I think for almost every person, it’s important to take in inspiration from the outside world and I love the possibilities of the web can offer here. But a lot of times it’s difficult to filter the sources of information, so that you only consume information that is helpful and inspiring for you.

How do you deal with the overwhelming amount of input we all get confronted with online? Di you also feel overwhelmed at times and how do you deal with it then? Do you also have a certain strategy or do you think this is not necessary? I would love to hear your feedback and opinion on the topic, just leave me a comment below!

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