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Pukeko 1.2 with a fresh design, new features and optimised Gutenberg support

In the latest Pukeko theme version 1.2.0 we have freshened up the theme design, added some exciting new theme options, and optimized the support for the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

I created a short video showing you the most important highlights of the theme update:

Fresh design and new features

In recent weeks, we have worked on improving all elements of our design system for Pukeko. The result is a fresher look with improved typography and a more consistent feel.

From now on you have the option to choose between a serif or sans-serif font for headlines. You can also choose to show headlines in regular or bold font weight. Buttons can be set to uppercase or lowercase.

We updated the button system and added further styling options for buttons.

Buttons can be rounded, round or sharp.
We added a new link hover color option.

Avatars can now be square, rounded or circles.

Avatar style options.

Excerpt lengths for posts and sticky posts can be customised.

We added 3 new footer columns so you can now add a 6 column footer menu to your website. Colors can also be adjusted.

You can add up to six footer columns.

It was important to us to add user-friendly theme options that are not overwhelming, but at the same time help you to change your website look in just a few clicks.

Improved Gutenberg editor support

We updated styles for all default Gutenberg blocks, so theme users truly see a preview of the content they are currently creating in the new editor.

All theme options are now also visible in the editor, therefore if you change the style of your headlines, the Gutenberg editor will adapt the styles as well.

What comes next?

WordPress 5.0 including Gutenberg as the new default editor will be arriving soon. We are currently concentrating on custom Pukeko Gutenberg blocks. Our goal is to be able to create pages entirely in Gutenberg without the help of external page builder plugins. We will still continue to support the Elementor page builder plugin, which just today announced Gutenberg block support as well.

We are also preparing another update to support WooCommerce and offer a shop option for our Pukeko theme. We will create further theme demos, which you can then easily use as templates to get started with your website.

Your feedback

Let us know what new features and options you you would love to see in Pukeko. We are looking forward to your feedback and will try to include everyone’s wishes. Just write us a comment, an email or contact us on social media.

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    1. Hi Brett,

      thank you so very much for your kind feedback. We’re working on it, we will also have blocks for page building available very soon.

      If you have any wishes or ideas for improvements, please let me know anytime. I’m also just replying to your email right now :)

      Best, Ellen

  1. Good news…! Thanks for these updates. We are still confused on what to do at the end with this mix Gutenberg / Elementor. Hope the effort in integrating all is not resulting in slow load times…!
    As far as Pukeko, I find it superb and what is, in my opinion needed is something that can integrate in one .page, in the same way the blog integrates posts, a kind of “pages index or selected pages index” with featured images and excerpts.
    Best regards and congrats

  2. Andreas

    I updated the theme without deleting the old version first (with the help of “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” plugin. All the nice things you mention above show up in the customizer, but unfortunately there are no changes happening in the live preview – with none of the new features. Any idea what I can do about it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Andreas,

      thank you for your feedback. Could it be that you have a WordPress Cache plugin running? In this case you might need to delete the cache and also your browser cache. Let me know, in case this doesn’t help.

      Best Regards,

  3. Will Pukeko theme become “Gutenberg pure” theme in the future? I would prefer to get rid of those page builder plugins as soon as possible. Thanks for your wonderful work and a happy new year 2019!

    1. Hi Suitbert,

      yes, this is exactly our plan and we are working on it. We will still offer Elementor support for theme users who already started on Elementor and who want to keep the page builder. But our next goal is to offer a Gutenberg-only theme version offering the same and more layout elements for building custom pages in the new Gutenberg editor.

      More info is coming in January.

      Happy 2019 :)
      Best, Ellen

      1. John

        Hi Ellen, :)

        Hope you are doing great!
        You wrote earlier that there would be news about Pukeko in January. I have looked for this news on this site and update site as well but I cannot find anything about it. Did I miss something?

        All the best,

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