It actually does not seem too long ago that I received my University diploma (in Visual Communications at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, Germany). But when I think about what has changed since then, about everything I experienced and learned, it seems more like an eternity ago.

When I look back at this time now, I can exactly see the strengths and weaknesses I had back then. But then everything seemed unclear and I wasn’t sure in which direction my future was supposed to go.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to give yourself a bit of a pep talk from the future every now and then?

Of course that’s not possible in real life, but perhaps the following words will be a helpful encouragement for others, who are in a similar situation as I was back then.

Be confident and brave! I always had this feeling that everyone else had a well-structured plan for themselves and everything under control and that I was the only one who had doubts and didn’t know what talents I had and what I should do next. Today I would love to say to myself: Don’t hesitate, be confident and bold, without being arrogant or making others feel bad.

Others aren’t smarter or more talented than you, but just a little bit further (or very good actors). Therefore you don’t have to be intimidated by the self-confident appearance of others. Just do your own thing and make your ideas and dreams come true, without comparing yourself to others all the time.

Always teach yourself the things you want to know. Don’t rely on others to help you with something you might not know how to do yet. This way you can learn a lot of useful skills and you also will be quicker, since you don’t have to wait until others have time to help you.

Take advantage of the resources and the incredible opportunities that exist today to learn and teach yourself everything you want to know (online courses, video materials, books, blogs, etc.). Learn as much as you possibly can and never think that something is too difficult or not the right thing for you.

Don’t listen to unasked advice (even if it’s meant to be helping you). Especially when you’re young and don’t have a steady job or a successful career yet, everyone seems to have some kind of advice for you. Of course especially your parents want only the best for you and want to help you, but a lot of times this well-meant advice it not really helpful in the situation and leaves you even more confused.

You do not need a perfect life or career plan. If you have an idea or a dream, just go for it. You will figure out the rest along the way.

Being a little bit naive is actually a good thing. Because you won’t be intimidated by all the difficulties that you may have to deal with ahead. So being a little bit naive will help you to actually start something and not hold back.

You can achieve anything you want. Don’t listen to negative comments or advice that will make you feel smaller and less powerful. You can do anything you dream of, if you only believe in yourself. Don’t let you tell otherwise!

Your Feedback

Would you also like to be able to give yourself an advice from the future at some times? And if so, what would you tell to yourself and what kind of advice and experiences would you share with others who maybe just graduated from school or university? I would love to hear your thoughts!