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Namba: Meet the newest Premium Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme by Elmastudio!

Today we are very happy to present our newest Premium Blog and Magazine theme Namba to you. Namba is a beautiful minimal, responsive theme with a refreshing and easy-going feel to it. The color and filter option for the WordPress post formats (Quote, Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Status and Link) are a special theme highlight and you can customize your blog with your own colors in a fun and easy way.

Fresh layout and minimal design

With its fresh layout, the big featured post option and the possibility to show additional posts filtered by categories, Namba makes a great theme to highlight and feature your content and give your blog visitors a beautiful reading experience.

Feature Posts by Categories
Feature Posts by Categories

With it’s options Namba becomes a very flexible theme, great to use for a magazine with multiple authors, a personal blog with lots of different content, a travel blog or a photography or video blog.

Spice it up with colors

Nambas minimal design with lots of white space can be easily customized by choosing your own colors for the different post formats. And with the custom Namba Post Format widgets you can give your readers a nice option to filter your posts by different formats.

Nambas responsive Design

Namba on mobile Devices
Namba on mobile Devices

Of course Namba also has a responsive web design and therefore will look great on all kinds of different screen sizes. On small mobile screens the main menu and the main widget area can be reaches via mobile menu buttons, so your readers can always your site navigate easily and read your content even on the go. On bigger screens the main post content area will then have a two-column layout to fresh up the layout and offer a more exiting visible experience.

Your Feedback

To see the Namba theme in action head over to the Namba live demo, to get more info about Namba and buy the theme directly have a look at the Namba theme page here on Elmastudio. We hope you will love Nambas fresh and minimal theme design as much as we do and you will have tons of ideas already on how to use the Namba theme for your blog. Please let us know how you like the Namba theme, we are looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. Looks really nice, and I love the name. I read that when some Japanese dish names include the word ‘Namba,’ it means they feature onions, since Namba used to be onion fields before it became urbanized! To borrow a phrase from an ad I saw in Osaka, I’m sure your new theme will be “Namba One” ;)

    1. @Leslie: Thank you so much for your feedback, yes, we were actually in Osaka while working on the Namba theme, that’s why we chose the name. So happy you like, it :) I didn’t know there were onion fields around Namba, so hard to believe regarding the urban hustle / bustle now ;) Hehe, like “Namba One” :)

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback, so happy that you like the Namba theme :)

    @Mat: Regarding the colors, all the post format colors, the default link color and the background color can be customized, so you can choose higher contrast colors if you like.

    Best, Ellen

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Namba will be the next theme we are preparing for users. So we hope Namba will be available within the next month :) Best, Ellen

    1. Hi Katrina, Namba will almost certainly our next theme to be released on Since the themes have to be especially prepared for the platform, it will take a little more time, until Namba will be available. As soon as our next theme is available, I will post a release note on Facebook, Twitter…

      Best, Ellen

  3. Sieht super aus.

    Ich würde dieses Thema gerne für meinen Blog benutzen. Ich hoffe es ist bald auf :)
    Ich weiss das schon viele Leute gefragt haben, aber ich frage einfach nochmals… Wisst ihr schon wann es auf erscheint?


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