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Ubud: Our Newest Minimal Photography WordPress Theme

Today we want to introduce our newest Photography WordPress Theme Ubud to you. Ubud is an elegant, minimalist photography theme with a smart grid layout that offers flexible options for presenting your images on your own WordPress website. You can choose between a one – to five-column grid layout to feature the images on your blog and also choose between a landscape, portrait or square image format. By including your categories in the main header navigation menu (which can be set to be fixed-positioned in the theme options) you can also filter your posts very easily.

On single posts the Ubud theme design offers a lot of white space to feature your images in a beautiful, minimal way. Next to the big featured image with a width of 970pixel, of course you can also show further images or image galleries in your posts.

The calming, minimal design of the Ubud theme lets the viewer focus completely on your images. On the blog front page, additional content and text stays in the background, so it doesn’t interfere with the minimal presentation of your images. Then on single posts the reader can dive more into the post and completely concentrate on the content without getting distracted by any unneeded information.

You can choose between five different grid layouts and three image formats.
You can choose between five different grid layouts and three image formats.

The Grid / List Switcher

Another theme highlight of Ubud is the grid switcher, that makes it possible for your visitors to view your posts in an image grid layout or an alternative list layout with further content information.

The Post List View in the Ubud Theme.
The Post List View in the Ubud Theme.

Use Ubud as a Portfolio Theme

With its elegant and timeless design and the focus on images, Ubud also becomes a great Portfolio theme for designers, photographers or artists. Comments can be easily be completely disabled on posts, if you don’t want to use this option. The artwork or portfolio project can be shown directly in a WordPress post. This way additional portfolio formats are not needed. Categories and tags offer a flexible way to filter your work.

The Ubud Header Area

The Ubud About widget in the header is a great option to tell your visitors a little bit more about yourself right in your header area. You can include a short intro text and further text that is hidden by default. Of course you can also show an about image together with a short image caption text.

The About Header Widget Area.
The About Header Widget Area.

If you would rather use your own header or logo image, instead of the default Ubud site title and description text, you can upload your image under Appearance → Header. You can either choose to upload a small logo image or a big header image with a maximum width of 1305px which is the complete theme width.

Footer Widgets in Ubud Theme

The Ubud Theme has no sidebar option, so instead you can include all kinds of widgets in a large 4-column footer widget area (under Appearance → Widgets). You can also adjust the footer background color in the color options of the Customizer or under Appearance → Background.

All Theme Options in the WordPress Customizer

Instead of having a separate theme options page, in the Ubud theme you will find all theme options in the WordPress „Customizer“ feature under Appearance → Customize. This way you have all your customization options in one place and you can also take advantage of the live preview feature of the customizer.

Just have a look at the Ubud live demo to see the theme in action or find our more about the theme on the Ubud theme page. We hope you have lots of fun using the Ubud theme and you enjoy showing off you images in this minimal, clean and easy-to-use Photography WordPress theme. We are looking forward to your feedback and your suggestions for optimizing the Ubud theme even further.

Theme Live Demo: Ubud Live Demo
Theme Page: Ubud Theme Page
Video Tutorial: Ubud Video Tutorial

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  1. Jan

    Hallo Ellen,

    Ein sehr schönes Theme! Ich erlaube mir eine Frage :) … Wie hast du das Facebook Sharing für ein Bild hinbekommen (Like-Button bei einem Bild)? Benutzt du dafür ein Plugin? Ich versuche das gerade bei meiner Website hinzubekommen und ich bin irgendwie im Facebook App, Share.php, Open Graph Tags usw. Jungle hängengeblieben … :(

    Vielen Dank für eure unglaubliche Bereicherung der WordPress Welt!

    Schöne Grüße, Jan

    1. Ellen

      Hi Jan,

      thanks a lot for your amazing feedback, we are so happy to hear that! The sharing button is actually an option in the Ubud theme options (see Appearance/ Customize). You can just activate the sharing buttons there for the single posts.

      Best, Ellen

  2. Wonderful! .. But is it possible to allow for a larger width post using the “Custom CSS” widget? Because the theme is focused on showcasing images, I would love to have the option of wider images inside the individual posts. Thank you.

    1. Ellen

      Hi Alexa,

      I’m happy that you like the Ubud theme. Yes, you can use Custom CSS, but you would need to install the plugin “Jetpack” or “Simple Custom CSS” for this option.

      For larger images inside the posts you also already have the option to use the Ubud CSS class “wide-content” (like you can see here in the Ubud Live Demo).

      You just need to include your content or images inside this code in the HTML Editor:

      <div class="wide-content">
      Your Content here…

      Best, Ellen

  3. Hi.~ Elen
    I really like the theme “ubud” but want to run it on my own site powered by can i do that?

    1. @hyokeun: Thanks a lot, I’m happy that you like the Ubud theme. Yes, sure, if you purchase Ubud directly here on the Elmastudio website (via Paypal for 12 Euro, which will be exchanged into your local currency in your Paypal account) you will receive an email including a download link for the Ubud zip file. This way you can use Ubud for your self-hosted website and install the zip file under Appearance / Themes / Upload Theme.
      Best, Ellen

  4. Yes ma’am – it was so hard to choose between all of your theme options, but I finally decided to go with this one. I do have a question though:

    When I select an image for the “Featured Image” on the post (so that it will show up on the grid or list of the home page) it becomes giant in size within the actual post… especially the vertical images. Is there a way to reduce the size of the featured image that appears at the top of the post?

    Also, I use — in case that matters. ;-)

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! Is that why my images are not showing up now that I switched to Ubud. I hope I don’t have to go back and reset all my photos as featured images to show up on the grid….Any advice?

      1. Hi nuvea,
        yes, you will need “Featured images” for all posts in the Ubud theme, but there is a plugin to auto generate featured images (uses the first image in the post) for old posts. You can try this one: (it’s an old plugin, but I tried it and it still works).
        Please let me know, if you are having trouble with it.
        Best, Ellen

  5. Thanks! Ellen! I’ve successfully installed it.
    However, there’s another thing.
    Why do differently in Internet Explorer will look like?
    I can not see the menu button at the top header.
    And theme options does not work either.
    To function properly in Chrome.
    What do you think is the problem?
    How do i do it?

  6. Hi!
    I just upgrade to your Ubud theme which I love, but none of the images from my posts are showing up on the grid. Please help. Thank you.

  7. Hi Ellen,
    ich habe ebenfalls dieses wunderbare Theme ausgewählt und bin begeistert von der Klarheit und der Einfachheit, was besonders gut zu meinen minimalistischen Fotos passt. Und ich entdecke und erkenne immer wieder mal Webseiten, die Eure Handschrift tragen. Weiter so und vielen Dank!

  8. Kelly H

    Wonderful but can i update widgets as per my choice or do i have go with default one?

  9. Charlie

    I’m not able to alternate between the number of columns on my site. I wanted a three column site but no matter what I option I select from the dropdown menu, it still remains a one column site. Any idea as to why this is happening?

  10. I just upgraded to ubud theme. But am not having any display of pics in the grid? Why? Please help out.

    1. Hi Usha,
      you will need Featured Images in your posts, so that they can be the preview images you see in the grid view of Ubud. In case you already have a great number of published posts without a Featured Image, you could use a WordPress plugin to automatically take the first image in each post as Featured Image (e.g.
      Best, Ellen

  11. Ana


    I wanted to disable the comments but I unchecked all the comments settings in the discussion part of wordpress editor but does not work… What should I do?

  12. Hi Ellen,
    Firstly, congrats and thanks on such a beautiful theme.

    Secondly, I should explain Im a novice at wordpress and Themes in general, but was wondering if there is a way to create line breaks in the Title field as some of my Titles are being hyphenated when viewing the actual page.

    Also, is it possible to customise the New Post page with sub-title field. I’d like this sub-title text to also appears on the home page, along with the current text that appears when you scroll over an image?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you.


  13. Janine

    I’d like to know how or if i could change the space between images on the grid.

    1. Hi Janine,
      if you are familiar with CSS and percentage based layouts, you could customize the CSS code for the grid view. But it is a little bit complicated, since the layout is percentage based and you would need to be careful not to brake the layout. Therefore I would not recommend it in particular. Maybe you try out your custom CSS on a test installation first or even set up a child theme, before making the changes.
      Best, Ellen

  14. rc

    Hi Ellen,

    I’m in love with your Ubud theme. Everything looks awesome except for the iPhone. the front page does not show any pics–it just displays the post titles. Can you please help?

    Also, is there a way to center the images in the center of the page (3 columns)? on my page T
    Thank you, rc

    1. Bethany

      Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. The last update for Ubud was in September of 2015, so it has not been recently updated, but it’s still compatible with the latest WordPress version. We are also working on updated all our themes to be Gutenberg-ready (the new WordPress editor). So there will be new theme updates shortly :)

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