At the moment the weeks seem go by so fast, it’s crazy. So I thought it’s a good idea to sit down at the end of each month, pause for a tiny bit and reflect on all the things we have accomplished and done in the previous weeks. Otherwise it feels as if we didn’t accomplish much, which is probably not true. We just forget to halt for a moment and reflect.

Our ElmaStudio Redesign

At the beginning of June, we decided to finally redesign our ElmaStudio website and of course we want to use our Aino theme for our new design. So we decided have the redesign ready by the end of the month. It ended up to be July 5th but still, we reached our goal. There are still many details to improve and we have a new list of enhancements and bug fixes for our Aino theme and block plugin, but it was worth it to make the switch. It’s always so difficult to get your own website improved, if you are already working on so many things.

WooCommerce support for Aino

The biggest hurdle that prevented our move to the Aino theme was the missing WooCommerce support. We planned to use WooCommerce Blocks and prepare the blocks for Aino. It was a bit more complicated than expected but we are happy to report that Aino will have the first version of WooCommerce support within this week. I’m preparing a theme update right now. Unfortunately, not all WooCommerce shop elements are block-based yet and some options in the plugin are still limited. But it’s working and we are generally pretty happy with the result.
I will write a new post on the Aino blog as soon as our update is released.

Over the next weeks, we plan to dig deeper into eCommerce support for Aino and I will also write a post about all the things we learned from our website redesign.

Zoom Meetup Stuttgart

At the beginning of the month, we joined the WordPress meetup Stuttgart (our old home town) for a Full Site Editing Q&A session. It was 5am here in New Zealand and we were still a bit sleepy. I hope no one noticed. The Zoom session is available on and I will include it here even though it’s in German language. I also include the slides we prepared for the talk.

Our Full Site Editing introduction slides (in German language):

What else happened?

All in all, June was a pretty quiet month with lots of work. Since it’s winter here right now, it’s good weather to get some work done.

We had an appointment in Auckland so we went down for a little day trip, enjoyed some yummy vegan treats from our favourite Tart Bakery and got some bubble tea, a must-have for Ellen.

Ellen am Hafen in Auckland
Ellen and a big ship at the Auckland harbour.

One more highlight for our home office was a standing desk we ordered from a small New Zealand company. It’s a module style desk and since we still have our ‘normal’ desks it’s a perfect addition for us.

Manuel is enjoying some coffee and our new standing desk.

How was your month of June?

I would love to hear what you were up to in June? How was your month, what are you working on and what is your current situation right now? It has not been easy for everyone since the pandemic started. I would love to hear from you. Just write me a comment below.