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I think we talked about printing new Elmastudio business cards for almost a year now, but somehow we never found the time to actually do it. Not having a business card with you can be quite embarrassing, especially when you attend a conference or event and everyone is giving you their pretty business cards. So since we are working on a new logo for our upcoming Elmastudio design anyways at the moment, we finally got around and ordered us some business cards from the online printing shop Moo.

In case you also need a new set of business cards or you want to have beautiful letterhead papers, greeting cards or stickers for your business, then you should definitely have a look at the products Moo offers. You can even order special products like letterpress business cards or elegant business cards on Moo Luxe paper. I also like that it’s possible to print one side of a product individually. This way we were able to print our cards in English and German within one order. You could print the back of your cards in different colors, patterns or even photographs.

Moo was so generous to offer us 2x 50Euro vouchers to give away here on Elmastudio. If you want do win one of the vouchers, all you have to do is write a comment here on the blog post and let us know, why you need the voucher and what you plan to use it for.

Next to the giveaway all Elmastudio readers also receive a 20% discount on all their Moo orders with the coupon code ELMASTUDIO on the Moo checkout page (this offer is valid until Dec. 31th 2015). Thanks so much to Moo for this great offer!

The 50 Euro voucher giveaway will end on Wednesday next week, August 12th 2015, at 11.29pm (CET). We will announce the winners here on the blog post and also inform them via email (so it’s important that you include a current email address with your comment. Of course your email address will not be published).

WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LUCK and we are already looking forward to your comments!

For everyone, who ist searching for some inspiration regarding their business card or CI design, we prepared a little Pinterest board with some beautifully designed, creative business cards for your inspiration.

[white_box] Update: The giveaway has ended, a big thank you to everyone who took part. We just selected the winners (via of the two 50Euro vouchers. The winners are Christoph and Mische, congratulations to both of you! We will also contact the winners via email directly. [/white_box]

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  1. Hey Elma,

    I’m in the midst of starting an online music service agency and already got designs for business cards but didn’t get around to actually print some yet because they’re quite expensive.

    This would help massively since we’re really low on founds and every little bit of help gets us a step further.

    Hope you have a nice day & good luck to everyone else participating \o/

    – Christoph

  2. Dominik

    Ahoy Ellen, ahoy Manuel,

    I’m about to start a small web design business in the next couple of days – first time on my own and I’m very excited about it! My website is ready for launch, I’ve my first customers but I still havn’t any kind of business cards… probably things change by getting some free busines cards… ;-)

    Thank you and greetings from Germany!


  3. Hi Elma!

    I love the themes you create. You are an inspiration. I am starting out freelancing. I am going to focus on WordPress Design and Maintenance. I have a few small customers. I’ve been asked for my card, and I guess I should get on that. I would use the voucher to create my first batch of business cards and try to grow my client list. Wish me luck!


    Terry O’

  4. Hi Ellen and Manuel,

    I have a small blog about DIY, photography, drawing and all my other hobbies. I go to a meet-up with other bloggers, a bunch of business cards would be really nice :)

    Have a nice weekend,

  5. Hallo, ein tolles Angebot. Ich hatte mir für die erste Blogs-Konferenz Karten machen lassen, leider stimmen die Email und die Facebook-Seite nicht mehr. Ich habe nämlich den Namen meiner Webseite geändert, jetzt klebe ich Masking-Tape darüber, aber neue Karten wären super.
    Vielleicht habe ich Glück, Kerstin

  6. A new physical gallery shop for Exposure Studios is the best thing I have worked on in a long time. We will be selling premium stationery, note cards, limited edition photography and prints, fashion and design books. So this Moo offer cannot have come at a better time. Can we please be considered?


  7. Carre

    I just discovered your study. I love themes, I’m thinking about buying one to change my web.

    And it could change the cards if I get one of those Moo vouchers


  8. Oliver

    Hallo Ellen,

    meine Oma wird in Kürze 91 Jahre alt, lebt seit einigen Monaten in einem Seniorenheim und wünscht sich eigene Visitenkarten. Denn so etwas hatte “ich noch nie im Leben – und ich muss meinen neuen Mitbewohnerinnen doch zeigen können, wer ich bin und in welchem Zimmer ich wohne,” sagte sie mir.

    Ist das nicht cool? Ich würde mich also sehr über den Gutschein freuen und meiner Oma einen Satz Moo-Cards designen – ich kenne die Firma und die tolle Qualität der Materialien!

    Viele Grüße nach Neuseeland

  9. Hi! What a great surprise… especially that you can get a bilingual bussines card.
    Recently I have been thinking to translate my personal blog, to polish and english :) so I think the voucher would be a great thing to start with!

    Good luck everyone !

  10. Rob

    Schicke Visitenkarten von Moo wären eine feine Sache :)

    Ansonsten macht ihr zwei echt tolle Arbeit mit euren Themes!!

    VG, Robert

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