So I don’t forget to recommend my new discovered tools, WordPress plugins and blog posts to you, here our hopefully helpful collection of this weeks highlights of the web.

1. Flat UI Colors

Flat design is a huge web design trend right now and if you still need some color inspirations for your next flat design project, you will certainly find the Flat UI Colors collection a helpful little tool to get you started.

Beautiful colors for your next flat web design project.
Beautiful colors for your next flat web design project.

2. For Lorem Ipsum Fans

With the beautiful “Meet the Ipsums” resource of fun lorum ipsum tools, hopefully we don’t need to see any more boring lorem ipsum texts from now on. My favorites are the cupcake and cat lorem ipsum tools!

Lots of fun lorem ipsum texts to choose from.
Lots of fun lorem ipsum texts to choose from.

3. Mailchimp Redesign

This week I used the new Mailchimp (a popular newsletter service) design for the first time and I absolutely love it. They did a great job with their minimal, clear and fun redesign. Absolutely lovely!

The new, modern Mailchimp design is absolutely beautiful!
The new, modern Mailchimp design is absolutely beautiful!

4. More WordPress Security

The Limited Login Attempts plugin is a helpful first step to make your WordPress installation more secure and close the login, if someone tries to login to your admin panel with a wrong password or username after a certain number of attempts. Definitely a Must Have!

5. Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin

Until recently I always used the WP Maintenance Mode plugin, when updating our websites. But unfortunately I couldn’t find the plugin anymore in the WordPress plugin directory, so I tried the Ultimate Maintenance Plugin instead and I’m quite happy with it. It’s really easy to set up and the design is simple and has a default dark overlay that I find really helpful. So your visitors can still see that they are still on the right website.

 The Ultimate WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin.
The Ultimate WordPress Maintenance Mode Plugin.

6.Live Stream Tickets for the San Francisco WordCamp

Since a lot of people (like us) can not attend the big, upcoming WordCamp San Francisco on July 26-27th in person, the tickets for the live stream (costs are 10 dollars or 20 dollars including the T-Shirt) are a great option to still take part in the event. You can still buy live stream tickets at the WCSF website now, but the number of tickets is limited.

7. WordPress Survey

For everyone who has not taken this years annual WordPress survey yet, just head over to the Survey site and fill out the form. It will only take a couple of minutes and all our answers can help to make WordPress even better in the future.

8. Summer Reading List

Yesterday the famous blogger and marketing guru Seth Godin published a 2013 summer reading list. Since we are huge fans of Seth Godins work, I will get at least one of the books on the list to read in my lunch breaks or while on vacation this summer.

What Are Your Highlights Of The Web Right Now?

Which websites, tools and blog posts can you recommend and which WordPress related tips do you think are hot right now? I would love to hear your suggestions and tips!