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Black Walnut: Our Newest WordPress Theme for Small Businesses

Do you want to create a WordPress business website for your or your clients? Then have a look at our brand new WordPress theme Black Walnut for small businesses like cafés, restaurants, yoga schools, photographers or other freelancer businesses. Black Walnut has an elegant, minimal design and lots of flexible options, so that you can create a modern, individual website in just a few simple steps. The theme offers two different Front page templates, a Menus template for restaurants or cafés, a Testimonial page template as well as an About and contact page.

Two Front Page Templates

You can choose between two different Front page designs, one with a big featured image (with image link) and a small slogan text above the image. The other Front page offers four smaller featured images. Here you can also choose to add links to the images and show an image slogan text. All texts can be positioned differently on the images and have either a black or white text color. You can find the Front page image settings in the Theme Customizer.

Black Walnut alternative Front

Das Black Walnut Blog Design

Of course Black Walnuts also comes with a beautiful, responsive blog design. The blog front page has a two-column masonry grid layout and on single posts you can add widgets to the right-aligned blog sidebar. Further widgets can also be added to the three-column footer widget area in the Black Walnut theme.

Black Walnut Blog

Testimonials and Menus Page

With the “Testimonials” and “Menu” page template and some prepared code snippets and extra typography styles you can create your individual Testimonials and Menus pages. You won’t need any additional WordPress plugin to set up the pages.

Black Walnut Testimonials

About and Contact Page

You can use the beautiful “Centered Page” template to create your individual About page and use special CSS classes to add special typography styles link a bigger intro text, big quotes or blue or red colored text to your pages. The “Contact” page templates lets you add special sidebar widgets to your Contact page (e.g. the “Contact Info” Jetpack widget with Google Maps support).

Black Walnut- About

Header Options

In order to make your website especially unique, Black Walnut offers a number of useful header options. You can add your own intro text, change the title font size and style or set your main menu as fixed-positioned (on wider screens only).

Black Walnut Header Fonts
Your Feedback

Of course there is a ton more to explore in the Black Walnut theme, so why not just head right over to the live demo or the Black Walnut theme page. We hope you will like our new theme and already have some first ideas on how to use it. We would love to hear your feedback, your questions or suggestions to make Black Walnut even better!

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  1. Frank

    Wunderschön, Hut ab!
    Welche Schriftart nutzt ihr in für die serif-uppercase headline?

    1. Hi Frank,
      thanks so much, so happy you like Black Walnut! The serif uppercase, italic font is “Playfair Display”.
      Best, Ellen

      (1000 Dank für dein Feedback, das freut uns total!) Die Schrift ist Playfair Display, uppercase und kursiv. Ganz viele Grüße, Ellen)

    1. Hi Allan,
      unfortunately Black Walnut does not offer Portfolio support at the moment. But we will think about supporting it later on, if there is demand for it. Right now, you could have a look at our Suidobashi and Onigiri themes, they both have a portfolio option.
      Best, Ellen

  2. Hello Ellen,

    Any news on whether I’ll be able to use a video on the front page. I love everything about Black Walnut I just need to be able to have a video on the opening page.

    Thank you so much

  3. Sabine

    Hallo Ellen,

    ein anderes Layout als das two-column gibt es für den Blog noch nicht, oder?
    Plant ihr ein Template für einen woocommerce shop?


  4. Anna


    I really love the Walnut theme and would like to purchase it for my blog. Currently my blog isn’t hosted by anything, rather it’s running off of the wordpress website using a free theme. Is it true that to have the Black Walnut theme, I would have to pay for hosting by a 3rd party site as well as the $18 cost of the theme? Why are some Elmastudio themes available in the Premium section of WordPress, and some, like Black Walnut, are nowhere to be found? (sorry, I’m quite confused/new to the website-making world)


  5. Elizabeth

    Is there any way to fix the styling so the title does not hyphenate? I think it looks very funny to see the title hyphenated.

  6. Sainik Biswas

    When will the Black WalNut theme be available on theme store? I have a website on and I wanted to use this particular theme as it looks great.

    1. Hi Sainik,
      thanks so much for your feedback, I’m happy that you like Black Walnut. Since we focus on a new theme design at the moment, we did not have the chance to submit Black Walnut to yet. I hope we can make Black Walnut available within the next months there as well, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.
      Maybe you can switch your website to a self-hosted WordPress site? It’s actually not so difficult I think.
      Best, Ellen

  7. Bogdan

    We recently purchased Black Walnut and it’s a great theme, we love all your clean and simple designs but this one had more options for different page styles.
    +1 for the Portfolio support, it would be very useful

    1. Hi Bodgan,

      thanks so much for your great feedback, so happy that you like our themes! We will definitely think of a portfolio option for Black Walnut, it’s not on our to do list at the exact moment, but we will think about a solution.

      Best, Ellen

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