October means a new season begins for most of us. Just a few days ago we celebrated the holiday Shūbun-no-hi in Japan. The holiday celebrates the day when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are equally long. Now we are back in New Zealand and spring has started here.

Whether autumn, spring, the beginning or the end of the rainy season – it is always fun and healthy to take some time to reflect on the current moment, set new goals and appreciate success.

This goes for work but also for our private life. We have been traveling a lot in the last few weeks. We met new people and made new friends. We could see that the problems and thoughts we all have are similar everywhere and that we are somehow all connected.

This is a beautiful realisation that gives you strength and confirms that you are on the right path.

Changes in the WordPress world

And also in the WordPress world the Gutenberg project is about to bring some major changes to the way we work everyday with the WordPress software. WordPress is used by so many people around the world. Therefore, there are lots of concerns whether these big changes will be for the better and whether the transition from old to new will be a smooth one.

We are currently working eagerly to get all our WordPress themes Gutenberg-ready. So there will be some new theme updates from us coming up soon. We still have a few weeks time for that. We also want to use this time to prepare all WordPress users for the new Gutenberg editor.

So please write us your questions or concerns in regards to Gutenberg. We will publish as many new videos and blog posts as possible to help everyone become familiar with the new editor before it will be officially released in WordPress 5.0.

Our Big Elmastudio Autumn Sale

To celebrate the new season and the upcoming changes, we created a 20% discount for all our Elmastudio Themes and our Theme Bundle.

Use the coupon code autumn2018 to get 20% off all Elmastudio products from now until October 10th (23:59 CET).

You can redeem the coupon code in the shopping cart here on our website. The reduced price will be displayed before you complete your purchase. The coupon code can also be combined with other discount vouchers (e.g. your 50% Theme Bundle discount if you are a long time Theme Bundle user).

We wish you a wonderful start into the new season, wherever you are in this world. Take care of yourself and let WordPress be the tool to help you use your voice on the Internet!