Some of you have probably already seen that our Elmastudio website has a brand new web design. We still have lots of smaller things to optimize, but we are super happy to be finally online with our new website. We wrote down some of the thoughts that went into the redesign process to share with you.

In contrary to our previous design (based on our Moka theme) we wanted to make it easier for our visitors to find the content they are looking for. We wanted to optimize the structure of our content. Therefore we have only the most important menu items in our fix-positioned main menu and all additional links (as well as a newsletter and search form) can be found in the footer.

We redesigned our WordPress themes pages to be simpler and have a clear design.

It was also important to us that set more focus on our blog. To feature more blog posts, we decided to use a three-column Masonry grid layout for the blog page and add an additional blog footer section with blog widgets (links to categories, popular posts and the archive). This way readers can easier find older posts and discover older blog contents. We redesigned our WordPress themes pages to be simpler and have a clear design. To show images of our themes we use a simple slider on the theme pages. On the theme overview page you can switch between a list and grid view to quickly find the theme you are looking for. We also added theme categories (like portfolio, business or magazine) to explain a little bit better, what each theme offers.

Overall we want the new design to be more modern with a fresh feel and interesting typography. On the post single pages we looked for easy readability and more flexibility on typography styles. We choose the relatively new Google font Work Sans as our sans serif font and added the classic Times New Roman as a serif font. We really like this contrast and find it gives us lots of possibilities to be creative with typography.

We hope you will like our new Elmastudio web design. Have a look around our website and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Just write us a comment below!