A New Design for Our Elmastudio Website

And we did it again. After our last redesign is about one year old, we took our Uku theme and redesigned our own website using the theme. We created a custom front page (which we will include in one of the next Uku theme updates, too) and added custom page templates for our themes and a video course, which Ellen created and which unfortunately is only available in German language at the moment. But we are working on further video courses in English as well.

We will work in some further details and add more sections to the blog in the upcoming days, but we already love the blog section Uku offers. Now we will be able to show more of our blog posts to you and of course this motivates us to write more posts as well :) Over all we wanted to have a better overview of posts and themes on our website. We hope you can find all content better now. We also improved pages like About Us and FAQ.

All theme or Theme Bundle users can now also create their own account, when purchasing a theme or the Theme Bundle on our website. This way you can login to your account to download your theme, update your personal info or see how long your download is still active. Of course it’s still optional to create an account. You will also receive your download link via email.

And we also prepared all our themes for the One Click Demo Imports WordPress plugin (a free plugin from the plugin directory). This means you don’t need any demo import files any longer. You can just install the plugin via your WordPress admin panel and import the themes demo content with one click. To use this new feature, you will first need to download your theme again to use the latest theme version.

Your Feedback

We hope you like the new Elmastudio design and improvements we prepared. Please just write us a comment in case you have any questions or feedback for us. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. A great work – as usual by you two, I should add. The only thing that doesn’t convince me is this “body” font, that in the blog page makes the post titles on the left “sidebar” too near each other. Probably it’s just the size, since I’m loving it here in my comment area :-D

    Ad majora!

    1. Hi Nicola,

      thanks so much for your feedback, we will definitely look over the font again. I’m happy that you like the new design overall :D

      Best, Ellen & Manuel

  2. This so much better! It’s simple and functional!
    I agree that to my eyes at least this font is a bit difficult to read, I am also not a big fan of the huge titles, but this is just me. I suppose we can choose other fonts when we use this theme?
    Also, how easy it is to make the front page like this with Uku? Will I need HTML /CSS knowledge?

  3. Hi ihr Zwei,

    das sieht sehr schön aus, aufgeräumt und trotzdem mit Wärmewert.
    Die Serifenschrift tut einiges dazu. Wirkt ein wenig, als wenn man ein
    Buch aufschlägt und gemütlich drin liest.

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Hallo Sara,
      1000 Dank, das ist ein wunderschönes Feedback und es freut uns riesig, solche Worte zu hören. Das trifft ziemlich genau das, was wir erreichen wollten :D
      Ganz vielen lieben Dank für deine Worte!
      Ellen & Manuel

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