We want to let you know in advance, that the price for our Theme Bundle will change from currently 36 Euro to 48 Euro (incl. VAT) starting from February 17th (0.00am CET). When we introduces our Theme Bundle offer back in December 2012, only 10 themes were included. At the moment the Theme Bundle includes 22 Premium themes, with the 23rd already in the making.

We also plan to update all our older themes in the upcoming weeks and months, in order to guarantee that all our themes stay up-to-date and all theme users continue to be happy with all themes in the Theme Bundle.

So for everyone, who still wants to purchase the Theme Bundle for the old price, please make sure to purchase before February 17th.

With the introduction of the new Theme Bundle price we will also increase our discount offer for follow-up Theme Bundle purchases (for the second and further years) from 30% to 50%. This way all current and future Theme Bundle users will even save a little bit more, if you decide to to continue using the Elmastudio Theme Bundle offer after the first year.

Please let us now, if you have any questions regarding the pricing change by writing a comment below or email us via our contact form.