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  1. – Is it possible for us to control, or for you to update, the browser window width that triggers the mobile layout options, like condensed navigation and moving the Featured Posts and sidebar to the bottom? I would prefer the window to get a bit thinner before making all those layout changes.

    – When going mobile, is it possible to move Featured Posts above to the top of the regular blog post column, instead of below? Featured Posts feel to me like they should be front and center even for mobile users; maybe they could become a small horizontal feature slider of 1-3 stories, with small images (if there are any) and/or headline text.

    Thanks for any help!

    1. @David: Sorry, for my late reply to your questions. If you’re familiar with CSS you could change the media queries triggering the responsive layout changes (see style.css file at the bottom). But I would recommend a child theme for your changes, so that they are save if the Waipoua theme gets an update.

      Right now I think it’s not so easy to achieve that, I have not tried it out myself, but you would probably have to change the Waipoua template files, too. But I understand that this might be a more content appropriate behavior and I will see if I can do something in the next Waipoua update.

      Best, Ellen

  2. Susan McLain

    I am interested in buying the Waipoua theme but want to make sure that it is compatible with the calendar events plug-in? I searched your forum and requested registration however, I’d like to know before I buy and the only comment was unclear whether his problem was resolvable or not.

    Please help as I’d like to select and purchase my theme soon. Thank you,

  3. @Susan McLain: The Events Calendar Plugin works with Waipoua, but you would have change the CSS styles for tables a bit in the style.css file (from line 680). Instead of just tables you need to add .entry-content before the styles like I did here:

    .entry-content table {
    margin:10px 0 30px;
    .entry-content table thead {
    border-top:1px solid #ececec;
    .entry-content table tr {
    border-bottom:1px solid #ececec;
    .entry-content table tr th {
    padding: 10px 12px;
    border-top:1px solid #ececec;
    border-left:1px solid #ececec;
    border-right:1px solid #ececec;
    .entry-content table tr td {
    padding: 10px 12px;
    border-left:1px solid #ececec;
    border-right:1px solid #ececec;

    In case you have any trouble please just let me know again.
    Best, Ellen

  4. Christian


    Nice theme…. But I have a problem :

    Blog Layout Option : Posts + Sticky Posts Column + Sidebar don’t match ((

    An idea why ?


    1. @Christian: Do you have the site already online, so I could have a look at the code? Or you can also send me a screenshot. Thanks, Ellen

  5. lee

    Hello, Your themes are beautiful! Is there support for RTL websites and non-latinic languages for your themes? Thank you :-)

    1. @lee: Thanks sooo much for your feedback, so happy to hear that :) Unfortunately at the moment only our Bugis, Nilmini and Piha theme have RTL support. Did you want to use the Waipoua theme? Best, Ellen

  6. Hello, Ellen-san!
    I’m very excited site is to complete with your theme “Waipoa”.
    Please tell me one.
    How do I set the background image to the “site-nav” area?

  7. Peta

    Hey Ellen, I love your theme and am just starting to use it however could you please let me know how to change or set up other text sizes/font styles when doing a post as the std ones are slightly too big.

    thanks :)

  8. Peta

    Hey Ellen,

    As asked above, could you please let me know how to change or set up other text sizes/font styles when doing a post as the std ones are slightly too big.


  9. I have a question, I have just purchased this theme, and started to tweak it a bit. How do you display large photos like that on the homepage ? My featured images are displayed only in thumbnail size. Should I edit the thumbnail size in the Media option page ? You can see it on my home page : Thanks in advance if you can help !

  10. Daniel

    Hi Ellen,

    All your WordPress themes are very beautiful and neat. I’m especially interested in the Waipoua theme, but I didn’t know why the live demo showed me a mobile-styled design when I checked it using Firefox on my PC and laptop, moreover, Could I add some codes in the theme for ads and plugins? Looking forward your reply. Regards!

    1. Hi Daniel,
      thanks so much for your feedback, I’m so happy that you like our themes! Yes, you can use ads (e.g. using the Adrotate WordPress plugin) and place ads in the sidebar via widgets.
      The 3-column layout is only available for the default blog page, on single posts only the sidebar and the post content will be visible.
      Best, Ellen

  11. Daniel

    Hi Ellen,

    I have known the reason why the live demo delivered its mobile version: a Firefox sidebar plugin. BTW, if I use three column style, will the single post page display in three column mode?

  12. Jan


    die Menü-Linkfarbe würde ich gerne individuell festlegen. Wenn ich jetzt nicht gerade etwas übersehe, ist das wahrscheinlich über die Theme-Optionen nicht möglich, oder? Könnt ihr mir etwa sagen, an welcher Stelle in der CSS der Wert geändert werden kann?

  13. Dragos


    Great theme! I have one issue… how can I move the site title just bellow the menu bar? There’s just to much blank space between the site title and the menu.

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