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  1. Hallo Ellen & Manuel,
    das ideale Theme für meine persönliche Website! Hervorragend, mein Kompliment,
    herzlichst, Knut

    1. @Knut: Thanks a lot for your feedback, we’re happy that you like the Oita theme for your blog. Best, Ellen

  2. Hi,

    I am not able to get to the theme options page. I am getting this error:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/content/31/9216431/html/wp-content/themes/oita/inc/theme-options.php on line 112”

    Would you mind please contacting me to see how to fix it?

    Thank you SO much for your time!

    Best Regards,
    Josh Cohen

    1. Hi Josh, thanks a lot for your positive feedback, I’m happy that you like the Oita theme. Regarding your error message, could you please let me know which WordPress version you are running?
      It should be at least WordPress 3.4 or better the current version 3.5.1. If you can’t update or the error is still showing up after your update, please let me know so we van find a solution. Best, Ellen

      1. Hi Ellen, thank you so much for your quick response. Your first guess was correct; the client was running a previous version of WordPress. I updated to current and all works perfectly :)

        Thank you so much again for the AMAZING themes! Your sense of design is spectacular. I will help spread the word from Southern California ;)


  3. Eva

    Hi Ellen,

    Just wondering if you could clarify which post formats are supported? Are chat & audio supported, for instance (couldn’t find them in the demo entries)? This is the only thing holding me back from purchasing it right away!

    1. Eva

      Also, sorry for spamming, but this is the most gorgeous theme I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I love it so much!

    2. Hi Eva, thanks so much, I’m so happy to here that :)

      At the moment all post formats are supported besides Chat and Audio, but I can add them both in the next theme update. For audio you could use the standard post format right now and maybe add aduio via a WordPress plugin. For the chat format you can post a request in the Elmastudio theme forum, so I can give you a first workaround with some additional CSS code.

      I hope that works for you. Best, Ellen

      1. Eva

        Hi Ellen!

        Thanks so much for the reply! I appreciate how quickly you got back to me!

        When do you think you could do a next update? I would love it if they are supported natively from the get-go because I’d like them to have the word description on the side of the post (where it says ‘F E A T U R E D’ or ‘I M A G E’ and such. I would be willing to pay you 20Euro instead of 12Euro if that would help with speeding up the process (I know it’s not much and not close to what you deserve for the work you put in this but as an unemployed college student it’s probably the best I can offer).

        I’m so happy you are planning on updating it to support chat/audio (like some of your other themes). I’m so obsessed with Oita aaahhhh. It’s just so pretty and appeals to my aesthetics like none else. I found at least 5 other themes that have all post formats supported and I just can’t bring myself to purchase anything else when I remember there’s Oita. :D Thanks for crafting such a masterpiece!

        1. Hi Eva,

          thank you for your nice comment, of course, you don’t need to pay extra for the update. We could do it like this, I can provide you with a pre-release Oita update including the new post formats via email, if you write me a short note after your purchase. This way you can start working with the post formats already and just update the theme, as soon as the official update is ready.

          Best, Ellen

  4. Eva

    Ellen, that works perfectly! Thank you so much. I am buying the theme right now and I am so excited to install it (I can’t even explain how excited haha).

  5. Eva

    Hey Ellen,

    Quick question: is there a way to alter the css so that the gallery images are always centered on a post? Right now if I choose to have a gallery with less than 3 images per row it aligns them weirdly, like so:

    I want all of the images to be centered relative to the entry container. What should I do?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Eva

      I meant to say “centered divs” with the “text-align:center;” property.

    2. @Eva: The gallery is designed to work with 3 column, so that all the padding between the pictures and the responsive resizing will work properly, too. If you want to add only 2 columns, the layout will always be left aligned. But as an alternative you could try to use the gallery options (like tiled) that come with the Jetpack plugin.

      I hope I could still help you a bit.

      Best, Ellen

  6. Erika

    Hi Ellen,

    Is there a way to set a page as a static front page, and then use a “blog” menu item to link to the default blog post page (like the homepage on the demo)?

  7. Erika

    Hi Ellen,

    Is there a way to set a page as a static front page, and then use a “blog” on the menu to link to the default blog post page (like the homepage on the demo)?

    1. @Erika: Yes, sure, you can do that by setting up a new, empty page with the name of “Blog” and then choose your static page in Settings/Reading as the “Front page” and your blog page as “Post page”. Now you can also create a custom menu and include the blog page e.g. as “News” or “Blog” in the menu. Best, Ellen

  8. Hi Ellen,

    I just purchased this awesome theme, and so far eveything’s going very well. Anyway, I have a small problem with the gallery. When I upload/add pictures to the gallery and set the gallery type to Thumbnail Grid, the pictures get very blurry/unclear. I have a link below describe what I’m trying to say. But I found one and only one way that I can fix that, but it’s very silly and it takes time.
    I have to go to the Media, and then edit an image by using scale image, then I set the dimensions to 300×300 after that I restore orginal image. As a result the picture got very sharp and less blurry.

    Please let me know How can I do it!



    1. @Bader: Thank you very much for your great feedback, I’m happy that you like the Oita theme. You can easily change all your post thumbnails together, using the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin. After installing the plugin first you need to change the Settings for your thumbnails in Settings / Media (set the thumbnail size to at lease 350px width and 350px height). After you have saved your settings you can just run the plugins (see tools) and the thumbnails should work fine.

      Best, Ellen

  9. Shana

    Love this theme! Any chance it will be available to theme section on the site?

  10. Hi,

    I love this theme and I am looking to use it for my new cooking blog. Could you kindly advise on the ease of use of other plugins especially displaying google adsense, jet pack, etc.


  11. Antonio

    Hello! I want to know if in this theme is possible to have a first page with a responsive slider (maybe external plugin like revolution or similar) and then some latest blog posts.
    Thank you in advance!

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