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  1. hello, I am using your Ari theme, I customed a bit move the primer sidebar to right side, I just wandering that I cant find the menus in css, only sidebar. I want to make the text of menus are align to right, and changes the color of submenus different with main menus, how posible to make because I cant find menu and submenu, I am a newbie in web world. thanks

  2. Hi! i´m using Ari Theme! its very nice, confortable, and easy-reading
    Thanks for sharing it! i´m very happy whith it! :D

  3. Hi

    Yesterday I noticed a question on the Ari support forum at .org, where the poster is asking about your design decisions re. pixel width. I too was interested in hearing your thoughts on it, why you chose these particular numbers. The thread is here:
    Is this something you would consider elaborating on, perhaps a blog post?
    (I love Ari btw, using it on a blog)

    Wish you a good day . .

    Thorir V

  4. Hi,

    I love the Ari theme, it’s pretty close to exactly what I’m looking to use for my start-up blog. I do have two questions thought, 1) the primary navigation (left sidebar) appears to be fixed on my screen, as in it won’t scroll with the rest of the page, and even if I hover my mouse over the sidebar and scroll, it remains fixed. Is there a way to fix this? 2) I’d like to make the logo much bigger, like around 300 by 300 pixels. Is this possible?

    Thank you,

  5. I am using this theme an I love it. How can I make the menu text centred instead of on the left?

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