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In this Yoko video tutorial Ellen explains how easy it is to set up the theme and use all the theme features.

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Theme Features

Get an overview of the Yoko theme features, find at the text documentations, see which plugins the theme is prepared for, download a child theme and look at the Yoko theme showcase to see how the theme looks on other live websites.

Responsive Web Design – Yoko has a responsive web design, so your website will look great on mobile devices and big desktop screens.

Cross Browser Compatible – Yoko supports all current browsers (tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+8, iOS, Android.)

Translation ready – Yoko is ready to be translated into other languages. Currently available translations: Englisch, German, Dutch, French, Spanisch, Catalan, Brasilian Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian and Swedish.

Documentation & Changelog – To get started using Yoko please read the detailed theme documentations Documentation (English) or Dokumentation (German). Have a look at all theme changes in the Yoko Changelog file.

Showcase – See how other people use the Dorayaki theme and get some inspirations in the Yoko theme showcase.


The Yoko theme on a tablet device.


Yoko on a smartphone.


View the Yoko Live Demo or download Yoko at WordPress.


  1. Can anyone recommend a plugin for Yoko that will enable us to set up our homepage as a gallery of posts (with each post represented by an image and short descriptive text).
    thank you

  2. kip

    trying to get the blog comments to reverse i.e. newest ones at the top

    also is there a table function?


  3. haq

    Hi there
    appreciate ur great works for us ,
    and there’s a question that , both preview the YOKO theme & use it for my site,
    there is no subnav under the picture, even though I create lots of categories, and download ur document for YOKO theme, I could not find any info to tell me how to handle this issue .
    would u please leave us a message here ? thanks very much again.

    YOKO theme user :)

    • Its possible add a sub-nav bar below the YOKO header image using categories. The details are contained within the theme documentation PDF. I can’t recall (it was 3+ years ago :) if you can swap categories with tags

  4. Hi:)
    First of all, I´m sorry for my english.
    I´m not a developer o webmaster, but I´m trying to make my own web site. I have a problem: in de sub menu, I don´t need 7 categories, so they are all together at the left side, leaving a space in the other side. How can I resolve?
    Thanks for all. I like very much you theme:)

  5. Hi There,
    I manage this web with Yoko template:
    I like in the home page, show the post like a summary, not the complet post, the home page is too large.
    I saw in the demo page the posts with “continue reading”, but I cannot do it this way, I don’t know, :-(
    Thanks for your helps.
    Best Regards.

    • mike

      Hi Joaquin;
      I am a newbe and saw your web site having 8 sliding images. Would you please tell me how to do that on Yoko theme? Thank you.

    • Between when you posted your request and the present you seem to have discarded the YOKO theme for ESPLANADE. This post is for visitors looking for customization details you may be mislead by Joaquin’s post above.

  6. Hello,
    i use yoko theme on wordpress.com
    there is a bug : I can’t tag any of my articles. i used another theme before and i could done this, but not with yoko.
    I am a begginer on the net, so imagine on making website. and I also know that I am using a free version, so how can I stay on wordpress.com (because it’s look like too difficult to go to wordpress.org) and have my problems fixed. is there the same theme that i can buy somewhere (still on WP.com) ?
    I take this occasion to say this theme is beautiful, I love it.

  7. Hello, Ellen.

    We have been using the theme YOKO on 3 web sites so far. Working pretty well overall. However, we keep running into the same problem. On every page that we have the sidebars on, down below the content, and above the footer.php area, there is about 1 inch white space, separated by thin grey lines.

    How can I get rid of this space, and those grey lines? It just doesn’t look good. I’d really appreciate your help with this. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi,
    I have a problem with the version 3.5.2 on wordpress.com and the pictures.
    I can’t put pictures in my articles. I don’t know why but i know that it’s since when i have this new version 3.5.2

    Please I need help.

    Many thanks


    • Tania: I’m sorry, but you would need to post your question in the WordPress.com forums directly, since I can not provide any support for our free themes on WordPress.com.
      Best, Ellen

  9. Hi,

    My wife likes your Yoko theme and we’re wondering if there’s an easy way to turn it into a 2 column theme and remove one of the widget areas on the side. I’m not sure if it’s as simple as modify a couple files or something very complex. If you have any instructions I could follow, that’d be great.


    • Did you get a reply for this? I use yoko on WordPress.org and want to remove a column. When I used yoko on WordPress.com it was 2 column and looked much better. I do want to stay with yoko and WordPress.org

      Many thanks Anne

  10. Hi,
    I have translated the YOKO theme into Chinese (Simplified). Can I share the translation file with you?

  11. Hi Ellen,

    I’m trying to add 2 more menus to my Yoko theme. I understand that there are only 2 menus available on the navigation page. Do i have to upgrade the theme to be able to add more menus?


  12. Hi,

    How can I minimize the empty white space below the header on the home page (between the header and the main content)? I tried deleting the sub-menu completely but the amount of space below the header stayed the same.

    What I am trying to do is bring up the three main photos closer to the header,

    thank you .


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