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  1. Beautiful theme, but would it be possible to make the navigation in the left sidebar collapse and expand subpages on mouseover or a tap on mobile devices? I have five main sections of my site, each with at least one or two sub-sections, so it would look unruly with this theme.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. @David Chartier: Thanks a lot for your feedback, I’m happy you like the Tatami theme. I think it would be possible to customize the navigation like you said. By default I would like to avoid any animations or mouse hovers for submenus, since the menu is already hidden on mobile devices. Hovers wouldn’t work very well on mobile anyways and the main menu buttons are normally already links to other pages in the WordPress navigation. But as I said, it could sure be done with some customization work…

      Best, Ellen

  2. Thanks for your response Ellen! One more: is it possible to hide the navigation from the left menu altogether? Maybe I could place it in the right menu instead, which gets hidden first as the browser window shrinks. That way I could place my ad above the fold where the most people, besides mobile users, are likely to see it.

    1. I forgot to explain something: by “place it in the right menu,” I mean maybe I could use the standard WordPress navigation widget to place my navigation in the right menu.

    2. @David: I’m not 100% sure, because I haven’t tested it myself, but you could try to delete the code snippet nav with the class “main-nav” in sidebar-left.php. It should work if you still keep another widget in the left sidebar. Best, Ellen

  3. Hi Ellen, I love this theme, but I seem to be having problems with the social media buttons – My posts are getting +1’d on Google+ but the button doesn’t update with the number. Is this an issue with the theme or something else?


    1. @Kate Dreyer: Hi Kate, thanks a lot for your positive feedback, happy to hear that. I just tested the G+ button on your site (see the Pinster review post) and the button count seems to work now. Please let me know if you have any other troubles. Best, Ellen

  4. Markus

    Hallo, ich habe eine Frage. Ist es möglich, die Farbe der Kopfzeile (Header actual weiß) ändern ? Ich suche aber nicht finden konnten. Vielen Dank

  5. I recently bought this theme and love it, but it seems to have broken my Disqus comments. Existing comments don’t show (the number of comments does, but you can’t see them) and the comment text box to add a comment is tiny and non-functional. I’ve contacted Disqus but they weren’t able to help, so I think it’s something in the theme, but I can’t figure out what. Any ideas? If you visit my site, and click on the comments link on any of the posts, you’ll see what I mean. I would have posted in the forum but still have not received a link to activate my account there.

    1. @Joanne: I tested the Disqus comments plugin and I had to change some CSS in order to make it work in the Tatami theme. I answered your questions in the theme forum, too. Please write me a short email note and I will provide you with the new style.css file for Tatami until I have the theme update ready. Best, Ellen

  6. Mia

    Hi Ellen,
    Beautiful minimalist style theme, I love it. I would simply like to know if the BLOG page * and the single post page ) can be with ONE sidebar instead of [ 2 ] and to visually look just as this page does ?

    Thank you, wishing you abundant Sale$ !

    1. @Mia: Thanks so much for your great feedback, this is good to hear! By default the themes blog layout is only possible with both right and left sidebar. If you are familiar with CSS and the theme file structures. I think it would be possible to customize the theme to make it a two-column layout, but because of the responsive design it’t probably not so easy and I would rather not recommend it. I hope my answer is still helpful, Best Ellen

  7. Mia

    Hi Ellen! Thank you very much for your swift response and answer to my inquiry about the Tatami theme :)
    I ended up purchasing the Waipoua Theme instead ( it was pretty tough to choose amongst all your themes, I love them ALL :D ) – and I basically have 2 questions which are simple enough :D

    1: Can the Excerpt function as it should for all posts ? Because from what I see, it only functions for the Category Posts/Archives . Would I need to remove or add a certain function in the functions.php file ? Because I would really like to have the Excerpt function the same for all posts if possible.

    2: I do not see the shortcodes within the Post Editor – are they supposed to be present there ? Or , must they be added manually into each post?
    – and if so, what is the proper way to add them ? can you give me an example ?

    Again, thank you for your response in advance and also for creating all these awesome themes !
    Best wishes & much continued $ucce$$ to ElmaStudio

  8. Mia

    Ok Ellen – never mind the shortcodes , I just saw them here in the Tatami Theme :D

    So, the only question which remains is just the Excerpt for all posts :)

    Thank you again :)

    1. @Mia: Thanks for your nice reply, so happy that you like the Elmastudio themes :) Btw, there’s a helpful little plugin called “AddQuickTag” to create buttons for the shortcodes in the post editor (or at least for the shortcodes you use on a regular basis). Regarding the Excerpts, in the Waipoua theme you will have to customize the content.php theme file a bit, to get automatic excerpts. You need to change the line 35:

      ?php the_content( __( ‘Read more →’, ‘waipoua’ ) ); ?>


      <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

      I hope my answer is helpful. Best, Ellen

  9. Emily

    I am interested in purchasing this theme for my blog but I would like to know if I can get rid of / remove the left sidebar as I only want one sidebar on the right.

    I would appreciate any answers!! Thanks for the help:)

    1. @Emily: Since the Tatami theme uses the left sidebar as the main navigation, too, unfortunately the sidebar is not so easy to delete and the theme has no option for that in the theme options page. If you like a theme with only a right sidebar I would recommend our Baylys, Pohutukawa or Bugis theme instead. Best regards, Ellen

  10. Mia

    Ellen THANK YOU for all your support – I so appreciate it :)
    I should have seen that little strip of code within the content.php file , it was just a little further up – but thank you so much for your swift responses to all of my inquiries – you are a GEM :)

    **Also, I believe I had seen a tweet of yours some time ago asking for a Like Button which you could incorporate into some of your themes if Im not mistaken? …. Well, this here little Like Plugin is quite minimal and can be styled up in many ways . I hope it will serve your purposes :)

    Thank You once again, wishing you a wonderful summer ahead and will keep checking & referring more users to ElmaStudio for more great Themes :)

    1. @Mia: Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback and the recommendation for the Like-Plugin. I want to include a like button here on our blog, so I will check it out for sure. I’m very happy that you like the Elmastudio themes :) Best, Ellen

  11. Hi, Ellen!

    First of all thanks for good job. You are very professional theme creator, and I like your works. Me and my friends are going to buy Tatami for our project, but we have two little question. Is there easy way to display home page posts in two columns like you did in page? With these sexy thumbnails of course. And the second: is there way to create fullwidth posts w or w/out sidebar?

    1. @Aidos: Thanks a lot for your feedback, so happy to hear that :) Unfortunately the 2 column layout for Tatami is only prepared for pages (with a special Page Template), it can not be used for the blog itself. The banner for our WordPress theme page is a customization, but could be added to the theme individually if you have a little knowledge of CSS and WordPress theme templates I believe.

      Best, Ellen

  12. Hi,

    I’m having problems getting full-width images in my blog posts, although I have selected full-width in the ‘Theme Options’. Currently, it’s displaying images in the ‘Big Thumbnail’ view. Also, when I change it to ‘Small Thumbnail’, the images remain in ‘Big Thumbnail’ view.

    Can someone advise on how to solve this?

    You can view the website at


    1. @Khairul: Okay, to make sure, I help you with the right images, do you mean that you would like the thumbnail images to be smaller or the normal images in the post. Maybe you could link me to a specific image on your blog, so I see the image and can help you. Best, Ellen

  13. Kjell

    Great theme! I was wondering if it is possible to get rid of the header in this theme? Or make it smaller? Thanks!

    1. @Kjell: Thanks a lot, I’m happy you like the Tatami theme. Yes, you could make the header smaller in height. If you post your question to our theme forum, I can give you the CSS for the customization there. Best, Ellen

  14. I love this theme, however, the body font is too large. How do I change the size of the font? I have tried using the editor but it doesn’t work or I’m changing the wrong items. I would like some guidance, thanks.

    1. @sophiaxiong: Thanks a lot for your positive feedback :) If you want to change the post text font to 15px you can add the following code to the Custom CSS option on the theme options page:

      @media screen and (min-width: 768px)
      .entry-content p, .entry-summary p {
      font-size: 15px !important;
      font-size: 0.9375rem !important;

  15. Hi there,
    I am in the process of creating my blog but i have a problem with the Custom Header Intro Text, which I would like to be “visually” centered beneath the logo. Is this possible?

    //Rosa Amdi

  16. Hello,

    I would like to set the theme up exactly like the demo and start from there. How do I do this?

    Also, I want to show the right sidebar all the time and not have it behind a +.

    Thanks for your help,


    1. @tony: To set up the Tatami theme you can just follow the documentation instructions on the Tatami Docs site. The right sidebar will only be visible by default on bigger laptop and desktop screens. If the screen is smaller, the sidebar will be hidden to optimize the view for mobile small mobile devices. Best, Ellen

  17. Hi Ellen,

    I didn’t save the download URL for Tatami – so how do I get the new update?

    Sorry – I’m kinda slow. Not enough coffee today.

    Thanks bunches!

  18. josh

    Hi there, Elen. Just curious to know how to get the “Featured Post” block in the top right of a post container as seen on the demo page. I’ve looked around the site and haven’t had much luck. Thanks!

    1. @josh: Sure, no problem, you can use the “Tatami Recent Posts” widget for that and if you have thumbnail (featured) images set for your posts it will show the thumbnails like you see it in the Tatami live demo. Best, Ellen

  19. Marc

    Hello Ellen
    I was really looking forward to using your theme on my site and installed it immediately after purchase.
    Sadly I noticed straightaway that the theme was not compatible with several of my plugins, the main one being Visual Composer from WPBakery and Buddypress and BP Press.

    Can you confirm please if these are known non-compatible plugins?

    Many thanks and kind regards

    1. @Marc: Thanks for your comments, yes, the Tatami theme is a pure blog theme, so it isn’t ready to be used with BuddyPress or BP Press, you would need and extra theme with these features. I never used the Visual Composer plugin, so I can’t say anything there. So of course, if the Tatami theme is not the right fit for you then, you can just right me a short email to make use of your 30 days money back guarantee. Best, Ellen

  20. Hallo, ich habe nur eine Frage für der Tatami Thema für meine website Ist es möglich, den Leerraum des Headers zu verringern, wenn es machbar ist, für das Gebiet braucht mehr moin oder die Größe meines Logos.

    Im Voraus vielen Dank.

  21. Ana

    Hi Ellen!
    I’m having issues trying to figure out how to format a chat post.
    I can’t figure out the whole “ul list” “chat” class.
    Is there anyway you can post an example of the code? So I can follow it?

    1. @Ana: So sorry for my late reply. The chat format is just an ul list with an “odd” and “even” css class for the li elements, like so:

      <li class="odd">This is the first chat element</li>
      <li class="even">This is the second chat element</li>
      <li class="odd">This is the third chat element</li>
      <li class="even">This is the fourth chat element</li>

      Best, Ellen

  22. Leticia

    Dear Ellen,

    A few days ago, I bought the tatami theme and I would like to know if it is possible to change the header and upload a full image instead of having a logo…..



    1. @Leticia: No, unfortunately the Tatami theme does not support a header image only the blog title or a custom logo image (with a fixed size) instead. Best, Ellen

  23. Leticia

    Dear Ellen,

    I just solved this problem but now I have another. When I change the width of the screen my header “desapear” I can´t watch it less in a standard computer width. So what can I do because the theme is responsive?



  24. Nollind Whachell

    Just notice a strange bug on my iPad.

    In portrait mode, the left and right sidebars pop out and retract perfectly.

    In landscape mode, with the left sidebar and main body showing by default, when you pop out the right sidebar and retract it, the left sidebar ends up disappearing and not returning at all. The left space where it was just remains empty. To get it back, I have to refresh the page.

    1. @Nollind: Thanks a lot for your bug report. I’m working on a Tatami update right now already and I will fix this bug also in the new theme release. Thanks a lot for your help. Best, Ellen

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