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    1. @Andrew Brough: Yes, all images included in the theme have a Retina optimized version as well :) Best, Ellen

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I’m noticing that I can add two columns to the sidebar text widget, but if I add images to the columns, they don’t render correctly and the format breaks. What can I do to fix that?

  2. Fixed it! One little tiny piece of code gone array and the whole thing went bust. Thanks for another lovely theme. Having a blast modifying it!

    1. Hi, Brett, thanks for letting me know and of course I’m very happy that you also like the Renkon theme :) Your sites all look sooo beautiful! Best, Ellen

  3. Marco

    Hi Ellen,
    Can you tell me if I can center the logo in the header?
    Thank you

  4. Dan

    Really love this theme, I’ve just started putting it togather but can’t seem to make my post images on the homepage masonry or very in size, they all appear as small squares about 80pxx80px how do I adjust this?

  5. Dan

    Hi, I think I may have fixed it, I basically deleted all images in my media library and now it seems to have worked for one image so far. But made me think, will this theme only work with images uploaded through the media library as I also had some images uploaded using the nextgen gallery widget, which may have been causing the issue.

  6. floortje

    Hi Ellen,
    Is it posible to edit the hight of the header image. Now its 900px i like to change this in 280px.
    I’m from Holland, i can read Germain so you can answer in your own language.

    I like to work with your themes.

    Best, floortje

    1. @floortje: Unfortunately the 900px is a fixed height, because otherwise the header text option and the responsiveness of the header image wouldn’t work correctly anymore. I hope you can find a bigger image to include, that you like, too. Best, Ellen

    2. @floortje: I’ll stick to English, so other users can read the answer, too :) Unfortunately the header image height in the Renkon theme needs to be of 900px, otherwise the responsive layout for mobile devices will not work correctly anymore. I hope you still like the theme, Best, Ellen

  7. Hi Ellen,
    I love this theme! However, I have a slight problem with the circle button in the header. It seems to get cut on the side and bottom. Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks!

  8. Hello Ellen! Just updated to WordPress 3.6. Doesn’t seem to be showing my posts:( Any chance Renkon works in 3.6? Thanks!

    1. @Ryan: I just had a look at your website and everything seems to work now. Did you manage to solve the problem? Best, Ellen

  9. Hello,
    I installed Renkon and am just really confused after looking at both the documentation and the video as to how to make the pictures look like any of the demos as the post do not show up like in the demo or open to their own page where you can add comments/media/text etc. I would like to view the images only and the text only within the photos like in the demo for my site I am building: . My site looks bad now but hope to get it close to the look of some of the showcase work with different sizes of the images and all. I am not a WordPress expert but have built sites before and usually do things on pages and never post. Any help is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    1. @Adam: For standard posts you will need to add “Featured Images” to each post to have a preview image like in the Renkon live demo. For single image or gallery post (see post formats) the preview image will show up automatically. To show the preview pictures (thumbnails) in different sizes, you need to set one of your categories as a featured catgegory, see Theme Options / Post with big Thumbnails.

      I hope this explanation helps you to set up the Renkon theme like in the demo.

      Best, Ellen

  10. Okay, I believe I figure out some things but not clear how to straighten the images on to make them level with the other images where everything is aligned?

    How do you remove Article word from the post in the upper left hand side?

    How do I remove the image word from the post image?

    I still cannot quite figure out how to make the images different sizes as they look on the demo site to explore different sizes so if anyone has any advice then please chime in to this or the above.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. @Adam: To delete the words “Image” and “Article” you can just add the following CSS in the Custom CSS option on the theme options page:

      .entry-postformat {
      display: none !important;

      Best, Ellen

      1. I tried entering the above code in the box of the theme options which was the last box before saving in every combination that I could think of with the spacing you provided (also without spacing and numbers) and cannot get this working. What am I doing wrong?

        Also, how do I keep all post on the home page with the creating an older entry page which makes users hit that button to view other entries?

        1. @Adam: I’m not 100% sure, if you mean this setting, but you can set the number of posts on your first blog page in Settings/Reading.

          Regarding your image post sizes, did you have a look at the Renkon Documentation, see “Image Measurements”? There you see the sizes you will need for your thumbnails and it recommends the “Regenerate Thumbnails” Plugin to resize existing thumbnails. So for standard posts you need to include a featured thumbnail image, in order to have an image for this post on the blog page.

          Best, Ellen

  11. Hi Ellen! I am having issues with my blog home page correctly loading my thumbnails in IE and Safari. I am using the advance lazy load plugin, which I believe is causing the issue. Wondering if you knew a solution? Thanks a bunch! Ryan

    1. @Ryan: I haven’t tested it myself, but it seems then the Lazy Load Plugin conflicts with the the Renkon Masonry script. Did you try to deactivate the Lazy Loads plugin to see, if everything works then?

      Best, Ellen

  12. Klaus

    Hallo Ellen,
    hab mir heute Dein Renkom Theme installiert und bin echt begeistert. Das meiste lässt sich super einstellen. Aber eine kleine Frage hab ich schon mal. In Deinem Beispiel Blog ist der header der einzelnen Seiten zentriert. Im original linksbündig. Zentriert gefällt mir schon ganz gut aber ich bekomme das leider nicht hin. Hast Du ein Tip für mich ?

    LG Klaus

    1. Klaus

      Hallo Ellen,
      hat sich glaube ich erledigt. Die Zentrierung ist abhängig von der Formatvorlage. Bei der Standartvorlage ist es linksbündig und bei Bild zentriert. Allerdings ist der gesamte nachfolgende Text auch zentriert. OK macht aber nichts. Sobald ich fertig bin, schicke ich Dir gerne den Link für Deine Beispielseite.

      LG Klaus

  13. Hi, I am trying to upload a header at 2x the recommended size in order to view it well on my retina display but the theme keeps cropping it. What should I do? Thanks!

    1. @Gaby: Right now the Renkon theme doesn’t support 2x header images, but I will try it myself with the Retina 2x plugin and get back to you with a solution asap. Best, Ellen

  14. Hello! I am very interested in this theme, I LOVE it.

    I have two questions though.

    1. Can I add a custom menu at the top (I mean, some links like the ones at the bottom: Simple Page, Blog Archive and Contact)? I want to have a menu at the top of the page and be able to access some pages without opening the built in Menu thingie from the right corner.

    2. I love that you can upload a preview image of any size in blog posts and it appears at its original size. But what if I add more images in the post? Are the rest of the images scaled down to a certain size, or they appear at their original size, like the preview image?

    Looking forward to your answer, thank you in advance! :)

  15. Hello Ellen or to whomever may know,

    I sent you 3 emails asking the following questions but have not heard a response:

    1. Is there a way to adjust the size of the header image and if so how?
    2. Is there a way to adjust the sizes of both the logo and the menu icon (I want to make them both larger) to make them both bigger or stated another way to extend the sizes beyond the theme maximum?

    I am sure that you are busy and/or missed the messages as Gmail groups messages together.

    I am looking forward to the answers.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. @Adam: I’m really very sorry for my late reply, but unfortunately I can not answer customization questions for our themes and I can only answer here in the comments area of the theme pages or you can get support directly in our theme forum (but not for customization questions again). Please don’t ask theme questions via email, since I can not answer all theme users individually.

      Regarding your questions:
      1. No, the header images has to be of the fixed value 1440x900px (see also description in the Renkon documentation).
      2. This would be a theme customization, since by default the logo image should be 40px in height. A customization is possible, but would require additional CSS adjustments.

      I hope my answers are still helpful.

      Best, Ellen

  16. Hi,

    first of all, I love this theme! ;)

    But if you wanna use the infinite-scroll implementation, you have to deactivate the WP-PageNavi Plugin. I always get mad with infinite-scroll until I figured this out.

    Kind regards
    Heiko ‘Schubie’ Schubert

  17. Hi! I am really excited to work on this lovely theme. But I am having a hard time figuring out how to do the basic setup and customizations. This is for videography, and I’m not sure how to make the thumbnails look so great and varied in size like your example, unless I put a photo in the post, which looks strange since I also need to put the video in the post. I tried using the featured image on the right, but that makes it a very small square thumbnail. :(

    Also, how do I get the main header arrow circle like in your example?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Aria,

      in general Renkon is mainly a photoblog theme and not really developed to be a video blog. However if you support extra thumbnail/featured images for your posts (e.g. stills from your videos) I think it would work well, too. To include featured images that have the right size (and not the small square thumbnails) you need to set your thumbnail size under Settings / Media to 800px in width (I recommend 800x800px). After you saved your settings you need to install and run the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin for older, already published posts.

      You can find all detailed image sizes for Renkon also at the top of the Renkon Documentation.

      Best, Ellen

  18. Hello Ellen.
    I’m Japanese Photographer KUMA.
    I finding my brand new site Wptheme by “.photographer”domain, find this theme!
    This is best theme for my re-branding.

    “It’s amazing! ” I cried out(in corporate office…. :) )

    As a matter I thought that each content, should I can click the entire image rather than character is good.

    But, maybe because of the good is brought into conscious of the title to the viewer better to getting them to click a character

    I wonder whether you are so dare?

    But great Anyway!

    1. @KUMA: Thank you sooo much for your nice comment on the Renkon theme, made me smile :) Unfortunately the Renkon desktop version is not designed to have the whole image clickable, only the title and the comments link. This way the reader can choose to go to the comments area directly, so we decided on this option. I hope you still like the Renkon theme :)

      Best, Ellen

  19. Andrii

    Hi, Ellen!

    Thanks for the great theme.

    I have one question though. How is it possible to remove “category” indication in the post? The point is that the only category I use is “featured” for the tumbnails display. And with all the other posts it is shown as “Category – no category”

    Thank you in advance for support!

    1. Hi Andril,

      thanks a lot for your feedback for the Renkon theme, so happy you like it! Yes, this is possible, but you would need to change the template file “content-single.php” directly and delete the following code (see line 48) in this file:

      <div class="entry-cats"><span><?php _e(‘Category ‘, ‘renkon’) ?></span><?php the_category(‘, ‘); ?></div>

      Best, Ellen

  20. joagmv


    I’ve just purchased the renkon theme and trying to “copy” your demo because I like that the images of the front pages are all different sizes… but I cant. How can I do that if all my pictures have the same size? Changing the thumb size from media tool?


    1. @joagmv: On the theme options page in the Renkon theme you will find the option to set up a “featured” category. After saving your settings all posts with in this category will show up bigger (like you see in the Renkon live demo).

      Best, Ellen

  21. Hi,
    I enjoy using your Renkon theme!

    Everything works fine using on my Firefox browser, but when using Safari I’m noticing several vertical white lines appearing when I select the off-canvas menu option (from either the front page or a category listing – i.e., Graphics, etc.)?

    If I’m on a page or single post and select the off-canvas menu option, everything is fine.

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you.


    1. Hi Phil,

      I just fixes this Safari issue in the latest Renkon update last weekend. If you are using the latest version of the Renkon theme, the bug should not appear any longer.

      Best, Ellen

  22. Hi,

    I’m looking at purchasing this theme, I love it accept I’m not sure what the different between Theme Bundle and Single Theme is. Can you please tell me.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Stuart,
      I’m so sorry for my late reply. In the Theme Bundle you will get all our Premium WordPress themes as well as all future theme releases within one year of your purchase. Then after that you will receive a 20% discount coupon to renew the theme bundle for an additional year. With the single theme purchase you will receive only the Renkon theme with access to all updates for 1 year.

      I hope my answer is still helpful.
      Best, Ellen

  23. Don’t worry, I figured out the difference. I do however have problems with the template. For someone reason when I create a gallery all my images come out square and blurry. You can see here I have also uploaded high quality images so I’m not sure what’s going on.

    Anther problem I’m having is that the homepage images are also having sizing issues.. when I have uploaded high quality images they come out small and when you hover over them with your mouse the black highlighter covers move than the image. I hope you know what I mean.

    Please help.


    1. Hi Stuart,

      okay, no problem, you can just set your thumbnails to at least 800px width under Settings / Media and then install and run the Regenerate Thumbnail WordPress plugin. After that all your thumbnails should be sharp and in the right size.

      Best, Ellen

  24. Hello Ellen,
    I’m a French bloger and I have bought the theme bundle and I’m finally using the Renkon theme. I love the design, however, I’d like to have the same homepage as a blog shown on your showcase:
    A homepage like a usual blog. How can I do this ?
    I really want to keep the Renkon theme as it’s really original and cute.
    Thanks a lot for your help,

    1. Hi Trav,

      thanks a lot for your great feedback regarding the Renkon theme. Unfortunately the example you linked to is a very customized version of Renkon and I don’t have the code available to show you how to do this kind of theme customization. Since you bought the Theme Bundle, maybe you try out another one of our themes like Oita, Baylys or Kiore Moana to get the single column blog style. Baylys offers a big header image as well as a single-column blog layout (without sidebar) as well.

      Best, ellen

      1. Thanks a lot for your answer, I just saw it now ! :)
        I’m going to have a look at the other themes !
        I have one last question however, are the themes seo friendly to have a good rank on Google ?

        Thanks again Ellen

        1. @travelicious: All our theme use WordPress standards for SEO, but I would recommend you to install a SEO plugin like “All in One SEO Pack” for further SEO improvements. This way your SEO improvements will also not be theme-dependent. Best, Ellen

  25. Hello,
    Can you help me figure out why all my posts appear aligned on the left side of my home page? I would prefer them to be aligned in rows of two, side by side (as the appear when you make the window smaller). In a full sized window, they are all on the left.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Lauren,

      wow, you have really beautiful images, your site looks great! I think you also figured out the image alignment already, since I couldn’t see a problem on your blog. Please let me know, if you need additional help with the images.

      Best, Ellen

  26. Theresa

    Hi Ellen,

    I love the layout of renkon! I was wondering is there away to prevent right click on this theme?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Theresa


      When I upload images for a gallery post. My photos on the post are all pix-elated but they are at least 800px. How do I change that?

      Thank you!

    2. Hi Theresa,

      I’m not 100& sure, if I got your question correctly, but in case you meant the the right click of images to prevent the download there is a WordPress plugin for this called No Right Click Images plugin. I hope this is helpful. Best, Ellen

  27. Hon

    Hi! Amazing theme. I like it alot. I have 1 question. Is there a way to spawn a NEW TAB when you click on a link(article, image, etc)? I am hosting rather large picture files (1980×1300) and they are about 1 megabyte each so it takes the page a considerable amount of time to load them. If i could spawn a new tab when a link is clicked, this would be great because the visitor would not have to click back and have the page reload again. Is this possible? Thank you again!

    1. Hi Hon,

      thank you so much for your great feedback :) Btw, you have amazing pictures, really love them! Unfortunately there is no option in the Renkon theme to do that. In case you are a little bit familiar with WordPress you could might add additional Thumbnail sizes (via the functions.php file) like it is explained in the following WordPress blog post: “How to Create Additional Image Sizes in WordPress”. I hope this is maybe helpful. B
      Best, Ellen

  28. Hi Ellen,

    Love the theme, but having a minor issue with some images not showing up on the home page, when I view the site on the iPhone. I have not seen this issue with any of the other post. Your help is greatly appreciated.



    1. Hi Candise,
      I just checked your website on an iPhone and couldn’t see any missing images. Did you maybe try to load the site while having a very slow internet connection? Since images are bigger in file size, it could happen that the connection was not strong enough to load all the content fast enough? Also I would recommend to add the following custom CSS to the Custom CSS theme option (see the last theme options) to prevent your logo of showing up a little bit to low in the desktop view:

      @media screen and (min-width: 768px){
      .site-title { padding-top: 2px;}

      I hope this is helpful. Best, Ellen

  29. Vory

    Hi Ellen:

    Could I use the Renkon theme at Word Press even if this theme doesn’t appear in the available themes at the WP website? I really want to start using it but I’m afraid that I buy it directly with you and can’t use it on Word Press.


    1. Hi Vory,
      thanks for your great feedback, at the moment Renkon is only available for self-hosted WordPress websites, but unfortunately not for So you would need your own domain and webspace to be able to use the Renkon version you can purchase here on Elmastudio directly.

      Best, Ellen

  30. Hi Ellen,
    I am having a few challenges and would like your help. My website:
    -I had my menu page on the right side all set up with information and it seemed to be working fine. Suddenly it won’t show up. I have tried over the last few days and each day it wont show. Can you help to get it back?
    -I like this example for how I would like my page to look It seems that they are able to fit many more images onto the front page where I have only 10 and it goes onto the next page to the older entries. Is there a way to get more images onto the home page so that it essentially keeps going and going? Also, on that example, the images are a bit smaller. I am posting mostly image/gallery posts and I am not setting a featured image. It is picking a photo from the post at random (as far as I can tell). Is there a way for me to get it to look closer to the example?

  31. Hi, Ellen.

    I guess I have the same problem as Crystal Mazzali has described in the comment above. Could you, please, help what I should do so my sidebar shows up in a proper way. Now if clicked – nothings happens. Just the URL changes for

    Thank you so much for your support!

  32. Min

    Hi, I want to buy this theme and will apply my website.

    But I have some problem.

    My website should pirnts korean. So, I look around other theme site and
    found some theme apply “Google fonts”.

    I studied wordpress, and found solution coding.

    @import url(;
    font-family: ‘Nanum Gothic’, sans-serif;

    If I want to this google fonts, should I enter this code?
    Or,,is this theme apply Google font Automatically?

  33. Hello,

    after the installation of WordPress 3.9.1 DE I can’t open the sidebar at the front-end. The sidebar is activated at the back-end.

    Please, can you help me? Many thanks…

      1. Hi Norman,
        yes, we had to prepare an update for Renkon on WordPress 3.9 +, here are all the details about the update (you can just download the current Renkon version using your original download link).
        Please let me know, if you have any further issues or questions.
        Best, Ellen

        1. Hello Ellen,

          I used the same download link I received with my theme purchase, deleted the template and reinstalled the one I just downloaded. They are the same version and the problem still exists for me. The file version and version I just downloaded through the theme purchase email are both 1.0.2

          1. Hi Shimon,
            I’m so sorry for this confusion. It’s only the zip file (and the download text link) that has still the old theme versions name (1.0.2). Inside the zip folder is always the latest Renkon theme version. You will see the current theme version number under Appearance / Themes as soon as you updated the theme file. I know it’s not perfect, but unfortunately at the moment I can not update the file/link names, because it would break the download links for some Renkon theme users. I will find a better solution, as soon as I can.
            Best, Ellen

  34. Hi Ellen,

    I wrote a question on April 28th and I don’t see a response. Is there any way that you can help me? It’s very important that my menu feature works.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Crystal,
      I’m so sorry that I missed to answer your question. There is an update for Renkon available for the WordPress 3.9 plus version that will fix the menu error. Please have a look at the update info here:

      You can just use your original download link to download the new Renkon version again (please just ignore the old version number in the download link file, inside the zip folder is always the current Renkon theme version).

      Please let me know, if you need any further help.
      Best, Ellen

      1. Thank you, Ellen. I have my menu back so that has been fixed. I was, however, also hoping you could help with the other issue I was having:
        -I like this example for how I would like my page to look It seems that they are able to fit many more images onto the front page where I have only 10 and it goes onto the next page to the older entries. Is there a way to get more images onto the home page so that it essentially keeps going and going? Also, on that example, the images are a bit smaller. I am posting mostly image/gallery posts and I am not setting a featured image. It is picking a photo from the post at random (as far as I can tell). Is there a way for me to get it to look closer to the example?

  35. Hi Elma,

    I’m having some trouble customising thumbnail images for the homepage. I have set the thumbnail pictures to 800px by 800 px as recommended and installed and activated the regenerate thumbnails plugin. I have even added a category slug to be used as “Featured” under the theme options. However, the images on the homepage are still the small squares. Only the text title space is increasing. Can you please help me with this?


    1. Hi Minal,
      somehow it seems that the regenerating of the thumbnails did not work yet, but I’m sure it is just a small thing we are missing. Did you check, if you have saved your media settings with at least 800px width under Settings / Media. And after the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin installation, did you then run the plugin in the plugins settings?

      Please let me know, if the problem is still not solved after following the above steps.
      Best, Ellen

  36. Rousse

    Dear Ellen,

    I want to put a video instead a picture on header renkon theme. Is that possible? Its possible that the miniatures header post do the same, I mean, show not only static images…

    Also the renkon social widget doesent appear and I dont why…

    Best regards!!

    Rousse ;))

    1. Hi Rousse,
      unfortunately this is not possible in the Renkon theme, since Renkon is only prepared for a featured image. Also for the featured images, videos are not possible, but you can add videos inside the post and maybe add just a featured image.
      Best, Ellen

  37. Ellen,

    I am trying to get more images onto my front page. On some examples I see that they seem to run on forever but mine will only allow about ten images. It then makes you click an arrow for “older entries.” Can I change this so they keep running on and on?

    Thank you,
    Crystal Mazzali

    1. Hi Crystal,
      yes, Renkon comes with its’ own “Infinite Scroll” option, you just need to check the box under Appearance / Theme Options and your images will also load automatically.
      Best, Ellen

  38. Hi, Ellen!

    I totally love your themes! Never found better ones in my life. I use Namba ( ) and now I’m trying with Renkon. The problem I have is the header image. It looks perfect on MacBook and Ipad but on my Imac and my Iphone it gets cropped and looks weird. Any suggestion?


  39. JNA

    Dear Ellen,

    I’ve emailed you regarding this, but am yet to receive a response: could you provide me with a new link to download the Version 1.0.5 Renkon Update? My original download link is still downloading Version 1.0.2. Many thanks–enjoying your great theme designs.


  40. Teresa

    Hi Ellen!
    I really love this theme and I would like to ask you some questions about it:
    – Is it possible to customize the size of each thumbnail?
    – Can I add a custom menu at the top, as zuki or dorayaki themes have, instead of having it hidden in the right side?
    – Is it possible to change the big image in the header for a slideshow?

    Thank you in advance!!


    1. Hi Teresa,
      thanks so much, so happy that you like the Renkon theme.
      – The thumbnail sizes can not be set individually. There is one general thumbnail size and a second one for featured images.
      – No, unfortunately in the Renkon theme the menu can only be added in the off canvas sidebar. If you are using the big feature image, you could add text links in your intro slogan though.
      – No, unfortunately this is also not possible, since the header image is generated by the WordPress header image feature and this option is only available for images.
      I hope you still like the Renkon theme :)
      Best, Ellen

  41. My featured image inside the post is way larger than the demo version. I tried resize thumbnails with the regenerate thumbnails plugin but it didn’t change the image inside the post. Is there a fix for this?

  42. Also, I noticed there was an update in the previous user comments. 1.0.5. I bought Renkon this past month and was emailed 1.0.2. Maybe the update can fix it? Can you email it to me if you have the update?

  43. I figured it out Ellen. So for those of you with issues regarding a huge standard post featured image showing up in the post, I simply had a to save my image with smaller px dimensions – width anywhere from 800-100 so the image would appear smaller and not full screen. Nice that it will scale extremely large though!

  44. Dominique

    Hi Ellen,
    For image or gallery posts, how do I get my body text to be treated the same way as it would be in a standard post, i.e. of a similar width to the image and justified, rather than at 100% width?
    Thank you.

  45. Rebecca


    I had a quick look through the mesages and saw another ask my question but I saw no reply…

    I am looking to enter my logo and added this code to the child theme –

    #site-header {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    text-align: center;
    padding: 0 0 0 0px;

    Unfortunately it has just moved it slightly to the right and isn’t centered. I can’t work it out.
    Any help would be really appreciated!

  46. Rebecca

    The theme is not allowing me to add a header image like the example? Any idea why? I tried re-installing the original theme but when I select an image nothing appears.

  47. Hi Ellen.
    My main menu isn’t visible. Even if I add 2 sidebar options under widgets It wont show anything? What can I do?

  48. Hi Ellen, I’m aware that this is a very old thread, but I’m trying my luck nevertheless since Renkon still is my favourite theme for presenting photographs and I doubt that there is a better one around nowadays… So I do everything I can to get my site working flawlessly with Renkon finally! ;-)

    Please have a look at my site:

    Everything is working fine with one execption: The thumbnails are not tiled neatly next to each other like in your demo! With no featured articles at all, they are aligned correctly, four of them in each row. But as soon as I start to double size some thumbnails by applying the category “featured” to some image or gallery articles, the thumbnails are no longer arranged as neatly as possible, but with a lot of room/white space between some of them. This seems to be CSS problem that I’m not able to fix myself. I use WordPress 5.4.2 with Renkon 1.0.9 and yes, I read the instructions and triple-checked each and every configurable option…

    Thanks a lot for helping and greetings from Germany,

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