A fresh and arty free theme for bloggers.

A Perfect Theme for Blogging

Moog is a sophisticated WordPress blog theme we designed exclusively for bloggers. The theme has a fresh and arty layout and customizable features without being complicated to get started. Moog provides the perfect canvas to showcase your unique voice and captivate your audience. Start sharing your stories today!”

A New Style with One Click

WordPress style variations are like changing your website’s outfit with just a click. Instead of tweaking colors and fonts individually, you get these pre-designed styles – it’s like an instant makeover for your site. Quick, easy, and you get a slick-looking website without any design headaches. Moog comes with a wide number of styles, so you quickly pick the one that fits best to your website.

Predesigned Patterns

WordPress patterns are like design shortcuts for your website. Instead of piecing together layouts, you choose a pre-made pattern and then just plug in your content, and voilà – your site looks polished. Moog comes with a set of patterns to quickly create an About and contact page for your blog.


First Release: 25 Oct 2023




More Features

Packed with the essentials.

Site Editing

A game-changing feature that allows you to design and build your entire website using the WordPress block editor. No more page builder plugins needed.

Responsive Design

Especially for online stores, a fine-tuned responsive theme is a must-have. You don’t want to compromise your customer’s shopping experience on mobile devices.

Lightening fast performance

Block themes load in the blink of an eye and keeping your visitors engaged and satisfied. Make use of this new technology with one of our block theme.