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  1. JNA

    Dear Ellen & Manuel,

    I’m considering purchasing this theme, but notice, IMDb, Kickstarter, and MUBI are not included in the social media profile links. Would it be possible to add these icon options?

    Thank you very much.


    1. @JNA: It’s not really easy to add custom icons to the Social Links widget, but if you’re familiar with CSS and WordPress code a bit it’s definitely possible. You would also need to include the icon images yourself. If you like you can write a short question in our theme forum and I can give you a few more details about the customization. Best, Ellen

  2. Hello!

    I love this particular theme, but will eventually need it to function with a simple shopping cart (most likely WP Online Store to begin with). I’m wondering if this theme is capable of working with a shopping cart or if there are suggestions for other themes that may function better.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. @Heather: So sorry for my late reply, I’m happy that you like the Baylys theme. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the WP Online Store plugin, so I really can’t say if the plugin works together smoothly with Baylys. By default Baylys doesn’t support any shopping cart system, but it is definitely possible to include a shopping cart.

      In most cases (I mostly worked with WooCommerce until now) the theme will need some additional CSS styles to work, so I would rather recommend to use a special eCommerce theme for a shop. If you only need a small shopping cart function something like e-Junkie or Shopify would maybe work as an alternative. I used e-Junkie before and it’s very easy to set up (but not the prettiest I know…).

      I hope my answer is helpful for you.

      Best, Ellen

      1. Thanks so much, Ellen! I think with what I’m trying to accomplish, I can make Baylys work for me. I appreciate your suggestions!

  3. Rhiannon

    Hi, I love your themes – they’re so clear and nicely designed! I’m considering buying and using baylys. I like the clarity of the font but find it a little too large as some of my posts and pages will have quite a lot of text on. I’d probably take down the font size down a bit (I’m happy to do this using CSS). Can you see this causing any problems? I’ve not really used wordpress themes before so not sure how much it is possible to play around with styling.

    I’d also ideally prefer a bit more white space on either side of the content (ie at the edges of your browser window) but I guess that’s a more complex change/not possible with this theme? Happy to ask further advice on the forum too, just wanted to find out more about what is possible before choosing to buy. Thanks!

    1. Great theme. I’d like to join Rhiannon’s question regarding font modification.
      Also, what font are you using on this theme?

      Please let us know. Thanks!

      1. @Sergio: Thanks a lot, happy you like the Baylys theme. Here on the Elmastudio website we use the Tatami theme (with some customizations) and the Google Webfont “Open Sans”. Btw, a great tool I use everyday is the Browser Addon WhatFont (I think it’s available for Chrome and Safari) to see which fonts are used on a website. Best, Ellen

    2. @Rhiannon: Thanks so much for your feedback, so great to hear that you like our theme designs! To change the entire font size you could add a font-size percent value to html directly (maybe only in the Media Queries for the desktop view) like:

      html {font-size: 90%;}

      If you only want to change a specific font size, please let me know which one so I can give you a more detailed code.

      Best regards, Ellen

      1. Rhiannon

        I think that will do what I want it to – thanks v much!


      2. Hi Ellen,

        I would like to modify the size of the post headline. How can I do that?

        Thank you!

          1. @Sergio: You can find the value (default is 35) on line 233 in the functions.php. See the following function: “Sets the post excerpt length to 35 characters.”

            Best, Ellen

        1. @Sergio: You can add the following CSS to the Custom CSS option on the theme options page (the default font size for the titles is 40px):

          @media screen and (min-width: 768px)
          .entry-header h1.entry-title, .entry-header h2.entry-title {
          font-size: 38px !important;
          font-size: 2.375rem !important;

          If you want to use another font-size value you can calculate the rem value here:

  4. Hi again – 

    I just downloaded the theme and is up and running
    I would like to know how to customize the text on the header image (“Watch out for the little things in life”.


  5. Frederic Martin

    Hi Ellen,
    I’m considering purchasing this theme (already bought Pohutukawa one and it’s a real nice job !) but i’m wondering if there is a nice integrated language switcher for WPML plugin for instance.
    I’ve noticed you were using WPML plugin with your Tatami theme on page and that you had a nice language switcher.
    Thanks for your great work btw.

    1. @Frederic Martin: Thanks so much for your great feedback, I’m happy that you like our themes :) With WPML there is a default language switcher option (your can still change the flag icons and the CSS a bit, as we did here on the Elmastudio site) or you can also integrate a custom language switcher option. There is a tutorial available, see:

      I hope this info is helpful to you.

      Best, Ellen

  6. Morris

    Can someone show me a link to an explanation for how to set up a child theme for baylys please? I would like to update my wp theme. It’s still the original baylys with a few minor changes. Thank you…

  7. Serg

    Thank you Ellen for you marvelous work! I bought Baylys theme and now trying to install it properly and i’ve got a couple of questions:

    1) Right from the start i don’t have any header. Is it only on the main page (as of now it’s redirecting to LinkedIn, so) or i did not enable it properly? I need a simple and static image for each page, without use of slider.

    2) Can i manually edit icons for social media, in case i would go with squares instead of circles?

    1. Serg

      I’m trying to use headers provided with the theme, but still, on each page they’re gone. Editing page/post and selecting specific header image does not help.

      1. Serg

        Sorry for spamming comments, i understand now that the header is disabled on any page except the front page. Is there a way to enable it on any other?

    2. @Serg: Sorry for my late reply, yes, by default the main header image is only used on the front page and you could add individual header images for each page via the page thumbnail option (you would need to upload big thumbnail images with the 1400x550px size).

      Alternatively, if you want the same header image everywhere, you would have to customize the header.php just a little bit and delete line 101 and 107 (the is_front_page statement):

      header.php, line 101:
      <?php if (is_front_page() ) : ?>

      header.php, line 107:
      <?php endif; ?>

      To make the social icons square, you can just add the following CSS e.g. via the Custom CSS option in the Jetpack plugin or to your style.css directly:

      ul.sociallinks li a {
      -webkit-border-radius: 0 !important;
      -moz-border-radius: 0 !important;
      border-radius: 0 !important;

      1. Serg

        Thank you very much and i appreciate your help! By trial and error i managed to make header visible on every page and now i face the last and ultimate challenge.

        I understand that the way this theme is designed header will always be 1400×550, which is a bit too much for me, but i couldn’t use any other theme here, simply because i like Baylys so much. Is there a way to make header image always:

        1) Appear in the original size, so if i upload 600×200, it will be centered in place of the huge default header?

        2) By digging through .css almost blindly i managed to make point 1 possible, but the main body of the page (sidebar, text and e.t.c.) has a huge empty field where 550 pixels of the default header should have been. How to “lift” them to the end of any header i use?

        Forgive me for bothering you with extra questions and buying Baylys theme just to redesign it for myself, but i hope you can spare a few more minutes for me.

        Once again,
        Thank you for your amazing work!

        1. Serg

          Almost everything i have to struggle through and find myself, but maybe at least you can help me with disabling auto strecthing of the header? Just 1 image, i upload a white block of 50×50 and it’s always there, no matter how you resize the window :)

        2. Serg

          I swear, this is the last one! So in the end i figured everything out by digging in style.css, everything except how to make 1) the header both “position:relative” (so it will be resizeble while medling with window and on different devices) and 2) centered, without “width:100%”, just in the middle of the page with 1:1 source image ratio.

          God i hope somebody reads this :D

  8. @Serg: I’m sorry, but it’s not possible without individual customization to change the header image to not be automatically 100% width like the default Baylys design. I can not help you with these customizations myself, since it’s not an option included in the theme by default and it would include some custom CSS styling. Best, Ellen

    1. @Núbia: Do you mean the image in the author info box on single posts? This one is automatically managed by Gravatar, so if you setup an account for your user email, your gravatar image will show up, too. For the About widget (like in the Baylys live demo) you can upload an image via your WordPress media library and copy/paste the URL into the widget. I hope this info is helpful. Best, Ellen

  9. Hi
    Do you happen to know a good way to display only one category on the front page, without having to use query_posts(), which I read on the internet is the root of all evil ;-)


  10. Hi,

    I like your theme very much and it works like a charm to suit it to my needs. I just wanted to let you know I found a small error in the css regarding the flexslider, the nav on the bottom peeps away when you size up.

    To fix I added the following css, top: 360px depends on the size of the slider:

    @media screen and (min-width: 1400px) {

    /* fix for bug in original template */
    .slider-wrap .flex-control-nav {
    top: 360px !important;

    I am still developing the website, the test url is


    1. @Peter-Paul: Thanks so much for your great feedback and your Bug report. Of course I’m going to fix this in the next Baylys theme update. Thanks for posting a first workaround already! Best, Ellen

      1. Dear Ellen,

        You’re very welcome. I have a question. I can’t seem to workout how to fix a small bug. In the page when you size down the width below 768 pixels the background of the portfolio-element is gone. The #main-wrap does not adjust its height for some reason.

        Can you please help?


        1. @Peter-Paul: Did you use a child theme for customizations? If so, you could try to have a look at the original Baylys theme version only to see, if the layout error occurs there, too. Right now, I can not really see, if the problem is in the customized CSS or not. Best, Ellen

  11. @Ellen, I used a child theme. The problem is not reproduced by the main theme because I used a background in my child theme which is not in the main theme. I would like a solution although it is not urgent anymore because the client decided to not use the media section for now. Cheers, Peter-Paul

  12. Hi there,

    I sent a proper email a couple of weeks ago but didn’t hear back. It was about an issue with the social icons not showing up on my client’s site. The coloured circles appear but the actual logos don’t show up. I need help fixing this. Is this a common issue?



    1. @Tricia Okin: I’m so sorry for my late reply. I would need the URL of the site or a screenshot to see the problem better. Are you using a child theme or did you do any changes to the CSS at all? I will also write you an email right now, so you can send me the URL there, if you like.

      Best, Ellen

  13. Hi! I just purchased this theme and it’s looking good so far. :) I have a question though. Is there a way for the featured image to revert to actual size once you click on the post?

  14. Another beautiful theme – I wonder for this, and your other themes, whether it’s possible to disable parts of the ‘responsive’ design? For instance, if I had ads in the side bar, I wouldn’t want them to disappear at the smallest screen size – would it be easy to stop that from happening?

  15. Hi
    In Codestyling Localization the theme (Baylys) is deactivated. Do you have any idea why that could be, and how to activate it?

    1. Ignore my last question, it was caused by user error (bad naming of .po/.mo files).

      As for why CL lists Baylys as deactivated. I found out that it’s not enough to put the language files in the child theme’s lang folder, it has to be with the parent theme. Which would mean that I’d lose them if you ever updated Baylys, right?
      Not sure what needs to be about it, but it would be practical if the theme could read lang files from child theme as well, am I not correct?

      1. Hi Thorir,

        thanks for your update, I actually wasn’t aware of the child theme / translation files problem. If you like, I could just include your Baylys theme translation in the official Baylys parent theme, then you wouldn’t need to worry about it at all. If you want to share your translation, just let me know via our contact form. Best, Ellen

        1. Hi Ellen, and thanks for getting back to me.

          I’ll gladly share the translation file with you, but to make sure it’s good enough I will have to have a critical look at it before sharing it with others : )
          Will get back to you with that in a week or so.

          In the mean time, I was wondering if I could ask you one more thing.

          As it is, Baylys grabs the Custom Link Color for the hover effect on main nav. Not the Custom Link Hover Color, which I would like it to use.

          Would changing that be a complicated matter, ie, is it something you could share via comments here or – if not – could you point me in a direction what to read up on in order to find out myself. I know I could do it via CSS but it feels more right to modify the theme to behave this way. I fully aware that it’s outside the scope of theme support, so if it is anything but simple I don’t expect you to any work into it.

          Have a good weekend.

          Regards, Thorir

  16. Alex

    habe Baylys gekauft und wollte eine deutsche Seite damit machen, jetzt wird es doch eine englische. Was muss ich umstellen damit statt Suche – Search und Weiterlesen – read more da steht? Habe ich was übersehen?Hoffe es gibt einen einfachen Schalter ;-)
    Danke vorab.

    Viele Grüße, Alex

    1. Hi Alex, the theme language is automatically the same language as your WordPress installation. So you should switch to the English version of WordPress in order to use Baylys in English as well. You can do that by deleting the DE_de language in your wp-config.php file.

      Best, Ellen

  17. Hi Ellen,
    I am finally re-launching my site using the Baylys theme I purchased in October 2013. I checked the update page and do not see anything mentioned, but I wanted to double-check. Has there been any updates I should download before installing?


  18. Hi Ellen,
    ich habe gerade einen Blog mit Deinem Baylys-Theme aufgesetzt. Das Design ist echt super!
    Ich habe das Problem, dass der erste Beitrag auf der Blog-Seite immer mit einem grauen / beigen Hintergrund angezeigt wird, sobald man die Seite mobil (iPhone oder iPad) abruft. Im Forum hatte das Problem auch schon mal jemand, leider ohne Lösung:
    Hast Du einen Tipp, an welcher Stelle ich da für eine Lösung suchen muss? html- und php-Kenntnisse habe ich … zumindest so’n bisschen. =)
    Danke schon mal!

  19. I bought the bundle package so not sure if I am missing some aspects of baylys because of that. I have wondered about this with other elma themes as well. But, I am having trouble with shortcode working. I am using the following code as suggested [button link=“” color=”blue”]Our Newsletter[/button] and trying to link to my newsletter. But, it’s not working. Suggestions? Anyone can answer for that matter. Thanks!

  20. hello,

    i purchased the theme and i am creating my website. my question is, i have posts in the portfolio category that i want to show in the portfolio page but i do not want them on the main page. how to do ?

  21. Hi, I have a problem with image size, both portfolio post thumbnails and header images are too small. I made them exactly same size that you recommended, but still they seems to be wrong size. Thumbnail is too small overall and header images hight is not what it should be.

  22. Shay

    Hi, I am installing the Baylys Theme, but how do make it a two-column as shown on spreadshirt blog? Your help is appreciated.

  23. Hi- i have been using this theme and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the TEXT on the responsive slider without leaving a blank white box on the pictures?

  24. Petra

    mein Kunde verwendet dieses Template (Baylys) und – es ist verrückt – unter Design-Menüs finde ich nur Seitenleisten- und ein Footer-Menü. Ich bin nicht in der Lage, auf das Hauptmenü zuzugreifen und eine Seite zu ergänzen. Wo sollte ich das normalerweise finden? Vielen Dank!

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