About Elmastudio

Ellen Bauer
Manuel Esposito


What We Do Webdesign & Development

Our Website www.elmastudio.de/en/

Location Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, we are Ellen and Manuel, web designer, WordPress theme developer and blogger at Elmastudio. We love our work and the platform we have build here over the last few years. It’s our biggest motivation and reward, if we receive positive feedback from our blog readers and theme users and it makes us happy, if someone says to us that our work was helpful to her or him.

A little bit of Elmastudio history

We met at the free art school P.Art, where young people can prepare their applications to art college. After our college graduations (Ellen studied Visual Communication at Offenbach University and Manuel Transportation Design at Pforzheim University), we really wanted to work together as freelancers. Since we had already built some websites during university, we were able to work on our first client projects and with lots of effort and passion we were able to create our own small web design and web development studio.

And then came WordPress

In 2009 we finally switched our Elmastudio website to WordPress and started to blog frequently. With that everything actually just got started, we really got passionate about blogging. We loved to be able to communicate with other web designers, freelancers and bloggers and we’ve learned that it makes so much more sense to share our experiences with others, help each other out and work together, instead of seeing others as competition.

Generosity in general is in our opinion one of the most important qualities, if you want to be successful in your field. Because you can always share something, even if you have not much yourself. In our experience your will receive so much more back and be so much happier with this approach of things.

What’s important to us

Our work is so much more to us than simply a job. To be active in the free internet, to share knowledge and experiences with others and to build a platform with Elmastudio, that motivates and is helpful to others is extremely important to us.

Of course we have learnt a lot in school and university, but somehow we also feel that there are a lot of things we didn’t learn. Working together, believing in yourself, make your dreams and ideas come true, stick to your dream, even if it’s difficult at times, we just learned all that while working as freelancers. I’m pretty sure we would have been glad, if someone would have said to us then: You can do that, you are on the right path, follow your dreams!

We want to share our experiences and encourage other freelancers, bootstrappers, bloggers and web workers to believe in themselves and make their dreams come true. Follow your dream, even if it seems difficult or unreasonable at the moment. You can do it!

Thank you for your support

We hope to make others happy with our blog posts and WordPress themes. If you are having just a little bit more fun with your blog or working as a web designer or web worker, we are so honored.

And we want to thank all our blog readers and theme users for your consistent support, amazing feedback and motivation over the last years. We know that we would not be able to do our work without your support.

Thank you so so much for everything. You are the Best!