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  1. Silouane Gerin

    Hi. I just purchased Meola which seems a great theme for our website. I wanted to add a search field in my custom menu like the one you offer in your Waipoua theme. I wonder if there is a simple way to do that without having to code it. Thanks for your answer and your great themes.

    1. @Silouane Gerin: The search widget in the Waipoua theme header is integrated by default, so in Meola theme you would need to customize this yourself. As an easy solution I would recommend a search widget in the top widget area of Meola. I think this option will looks very beautiful and modern, too. Best regards, Ellen

      1. Silouane Gerin

        Adding a search widget in the top widget area is the quickest solution and although it is beautiful it takes too much space for me. I guess I’ll try to code a little something. By the way I started to translate Meola into french: would you like me to send you the localized files when I’m done ? I would love to help you guys.

        1. @Silouane: Yes, okay, I can understand that, you can have a look at the code in the Waipoua theme or I think this tutorial I saw recently might be helpful, too:

          Of course it would be wonderful, if you would like to share your French translation for Meola. Just send me the files via Email (here are the contact details) and I will include them in theme theme and here on the site.

          Thanks a lot, Ellen

        2. Silouane Gerin

          @Ellen: Thanks for the link. It’s even mobile-friendly, that’s perfect.

          For the translation I need to tweak it a bit more but soon as I’m done you’ll get the files.

  2. Hey Ellen, my website is still under construction, but I’m using Meola as my theme.

    I just added a quiz to the contact page (using Contact Form 7) and I’m struggling a bit on how to style the quiz text area the same way the other text areas on the form are styled. It would be great if you could help me out with this since it’s one of the few things I need to get sorted before going online with the site :)

    Best regards,


    1. @Janne: I would need to see the form live to be able to help you with the code? Do you have a link alerady? Best, Ellen

  3. fab

    Hi, is there a way to add a dash like — (EMDASH) between the navigation voices in the top menu, that only appears in the desktop version (mobile would not need that)?

    like for example

    about — ideas — contact


  4. Serg


    I’m having troubles with spaces between the paragraphs, they’re too big for me and i can’t find in .css where could i make them smaller? Thank you for any help.

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