Moo is well known for high-quality print products that offer lots of options for creative design solutions and the US and UK company now offers its service on a website in German language as well. And we are lucky enough to offer a giveaway promotion of 3 x 100 Classic Moo Business Cards (doubled-sided) to our blog readers.

[lightgrey_box] Update: The giveaway competition has ended and all 3 winners are picked and were informed via email. Thanks a lot for all your great comments and for taking part! [/lightgrey_box]

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Next to really high-quality printing the wonderful thing about Moo Cards is that you can design each card individually. Moo calls this awesome technique “Printfinity” and it gives you the possibility to create totally unique designs in one business card set (e.g. you can print different colors, slogans or images on the front of each card) and get really creative with your designs.

Different Moo Business Card Designs
Different Moo Business Card Designs.

For everyone without the time or possibility to create unique designs Moo offers professional designed card templates to choose from as well. You can have a look at the designs on the Moo website and sort the design templates according to different topics or professions (like architecture, wedding or photographers).

How to take part in the Giveaway Competition

Just write a comment here on the blog post or send a tweet (and include the hashtag #MooGiveaway and a link back to this post) letting us know why you would like to win the Moo business card set.

The Giveaway competition will end on Wednesday, February 6th 2013, 6pm (CET). The 3 winners will be contacted via email or Twitter DM. Good luck and lots of of fun with the competition!