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  1. Hello, I’m using the Dorayaki theme, and this is my blog:

    As you can see, the slider does not appear because I had to create a new page to set everything up. Is there anyway I can set up the same page as the “Home” page so that the slider appears as well?


    1. @Karim: I just had a look at your site and it seems to work now, with the slider on your home page. Best, Ellen

    1. @Jason: So sorry for my late reply. Yes, the easiest you can do that is by using the divider shortcode and adding this below the content in your page HTML editor like so:






      Best, Ellen

  2. Hi Elma!
    I´m also working with Dorayaki! It’s wonderful and easy!

    Just one thing. I have a problem with the “portfolio” widgets. When I look at the computer, it´s the way I want it to be. But when I look in mobile or smaller sized on the screen or ipad the boxes drop. From three in a row to two. That makes it look un-nice in the smaller screens. Is there anything I can do about it?
    Also. Is it possible to centrate the menu in the header?


    1. @Therese:

      Okay, yes, I understand, it works best with even numbers like 6 portfolio entries, but you could try the following and add this custom CSS into the Custom CSS option on the theme options page to keep the 3 column layout on tablet screens, too:

      @media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
      ul li.widget_dorayaki_service, .otw-sidebar .widget_dorayaki_service, .portfolio-box {
      width: 32% !important;
      margin: 0 2% 24px 0 !important;

      Best, Ellen

  3. Hi! I love your themes! I’m close to choosing one for purchase… I’m trying to decide between Dorayaki and Baylys at the moment.

    I like the positioning of the navigation menu in Baylys and I was wondering: is it possible to do that with the Dorayaki theme (have the navigation menu to the right of the logo and not below)?

    Thank you kindly,

    1. @Bianca: So sorry for my late reply, unfortunately since you have an additional widget area in Dorayaki at the right header area it’s not so easy to switch the menu to the right like in the Baylys theme. It is possible but would need some customized work in the Stylesheet and the header.php file.

      I hope my answer is still helpful.
      Best, Ellen

  4. Hi

    I’m setting up a site using Dorayaki, and wondering if you know a solution to keep the portfolio widgets on front page the same height pr. row. As it is, they resize to the text it contains, which can result in quite different heights. See here (see ‘logo-design’, from your demo).

    Any idea?

    Kind regards

    1. @Thorir: I think the easiest way would be to customize the included text a little bit to get all boxes in the exact same height. Since the text and the image height are flexible, you could be able to adjust that exactly as you need it. Best, Ellen

  5. gustavo

    In Theme Dorayaki ist möglich den effect “Responsive web design” zu deaktivieren?
    Danke und saluti.

    1. @gustavo: Unfortunately not, since all our themes are designed “mobile first”. That means the mobile version of the theme is the main version and the layout then adapts to bigger screens. I hope you still like the Dorayaki theme :) Best, Ellen

  6. How can I use Bogo plugin with this themes and get its menu in both languages?
    and… Is there any recommended shopping cart plugin to be used with this theme?

    1. @Nattawut: I’m so sorry for my late reply to you question. I’m unfortunately not familiar with the Bogo plugin yet. I just looked it up on and I think it should work fine with Dorayaki. All our themes don’t support any shopping cart plugins, but you could try out using WooCommerce with it’s default Woocommerce template. Besides some CSS adaptions it should work as well.

      Best regards,

  7. Valentina

    Hi Ellen,

    I would like to buy this theme, but I want to make sure of one thing first: Is it possible to show image thumbnails in the recent blog posts area in the homepage?

    Also, is it possible to move the blog sidebar to the left without making too much of a mess for responsiveness?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!

    1. @Valentina: Thanks a lot for your feedback, I’m happy that you like the theme. Unfortunately it is not supported by default to show the thumbnails on the custom home page, only on the blog page or in the portfolio widget are (as you see in the Dorayaki live demo). Also, because of the responsive layout the theme does not support a left sidebar option.

      I hope you still like the Dorayaki theme. Best, Ellen

  8. Nigel

    Hello I just purchased your theme today, and am loving it so far. However could you please tell me the code to add an active navigation state ?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Nigel

        Hello again.

        Many thanks for the fast reply, while I am a designer, my code is not so brilliant, so this help was fantastic, and fixed my problem. I will share with you my website for your “Themes Out In The Wild” feature, once I have finished it :)

  9. Matilda Hildingsson

    Is it possible to have “Latest from Facebook” instead of “Latest on Flickr” in the footer? If it is. How do I change this?

  10. Richard Pryn


    I am thinking of purchasing this theme as it looks amazing. I was however wondering two things:

    i) Are videos supported in the portfolio widget
    ii) Can there be different portfolios on different pages?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Richard,

      thanks so much for your feedback, I’m happy that you like the Dorayaki theme. Regarding your questions:
      i)You can add videos to the posts for the Portfolio, but for the thumbnail, you would still need to prepare an image. Maybe an image, like a still of the actual video would work well.
      ii)Yes, you can add multiple portfolios by using different categories to mark your different portfolios (like one for photography, for graphic work, illustration or so on). Then you can add multiple Portfolio widgets on any page with the Widgets on Pages plugin.

      I hope my answer is helpful.
      Best, Ellen

      1. Richard Pryn

        HI Ellen,

        Thanks for the quick response. I will definitely be getting myself a copy then :D

        Thank you!

  11. Henrik

    just got the theme bundle – and would like to know if it’s possible to have pictures on the post widget on the frontpage?

    1. Hi Hendrik,

      unfortunately the recent post widget does not support thumbnails, but if you want to feature your posts especially with images you could maybe use the “Portfolio” widget instead and just use it for your recent posts.

      Best regards, Ellen

  12. Ato

    I’m thinking of this theme, I like it much. But just not sure about one thing:

    – Is it possible to use categories in blog to filter posts on several separate blog pages? I need to show some posts on one blog page and other posts on other blog page..

    As an example: I would have ‘Music’ blog page, ‘Cinema’ blog page, ‘Sport’ blog page etc. So all posts would be posted only on one of these pages (in one category). I understand that tags are supported, and I need them as well . But I consider to use tags as lables throught all blog pages.

    thnx in advance!

  13. Rachel

    Hi, we are interested in this theme, however we notice that IE 8 is not supported and it appears to degrade to the mobile version of the site. Is it possible to change this so it shows the full website size and we can test it separately for IE 8 or degrade individual features? Unfortunately we need to have the website working for viewers from government departments who will be using IE 8 on largeish monitors and this theme doesn’t look right. Thanks

    1. Hi Rachel,

      unfortunately we decided to stop support for IE in the last year, but you could install the WordPress plugin “Respond.js” in order to support Media Queries in IE8. This way the theme will also be visible in the desktop layout. But since I haven’t tested it myself, I can not guarantee that all layout features will be supported. If you like, maybe you can try it first and send me a note, in case you don’t want to use the theme and receive a refund for it (within 30 days after purchase). Best, Ellen

  14. Mireia

    Hi Ellen, is there any way to add the target=”_blank” to a shortcode button? I would like to add this buttons in my portfolio to show the webs online.


  15. valentino


    I bought Theme Bundle and I installed Dorayaki Theme.
    In the wp Control Panel I do not find any template for pages like for example Portfolio, Services, or the first page as seen in the live demo.
    I don’t find even any text style.
    The problem depends on my lack of competence or the Bundle contains a reduced version of the Theme?

    Best, Valentino

    1. valentino

      I found almost all the answers in the video tutorial.
      Thanks a lot.

      Best, Valentino

    2. Hi Valentino,
      no problem, I think you would only need to install the “Widgets on Pages” plugin and then you can add any widget shortcode to any page you have treated to get the specific Dorayaki page styles (like in the live demo). In the Dorayaki documentation you can find more details about the Widget on Pages feature. Did you also have a look at the Dorayaki video tutorial yet (it’s also great to get started with the theme features)?
      Please let me know, if you are still having trouble getting the pages to work.
      Best, Ellen

    1. Hi Annelie,

      I just checked the code of your logo and it seems that you just copied the wrong URL. The URL should end with .jpg or .png

      Could you check for the image URL again in your Media Uploader (see under Media). There you should be able to find the correct URL.

      Best, Ellen

  16. Nollind Whachell

    I noticed that to get the Portfolio widget to show a thumbnail, the image needs to be added to the portfolio post as a featured image. Yet when I add the image as a featured image, it gets inserted into the post as a small 150 x 150 pixel image rather than a full width image as shown on your demo site. Am I doing something wrong or am I supposed to manually adjust the thumbnail sizes within the Settings > Media area of my site? I looked in the Theme Options but didn’t see anything there (which is where I expected it to be, as I’ve seen Feature Image options in other themes within that location).

    1. Hi Nollind,
      yes, you would need to change the settings under Settings / Media for thumbnails. The ideal width and height would be 670x450px. You can then install and run the “Regenerate Thumbnails” WordPress plugin, for already published posts and they will automatically show up in the right size.
      Please let me know, if this doesn’t help to solve the issue.
      Best, Ellen

  17. Hallo Ellen,

    ich habe keine Frage aber ein Dankeschön. It was a love at first sight with Dorayaki. Dorayaki will accompany me for years now. It is really a wonderful theme. I did not encounter any single problem at all. It works properly as I expected it. After four days it is finish.

    noch mal vielen Dank and more power to you, Elamstudio.
    viele Grüße aus Neckarsulm

  18. Jennifer

    Hi there, what a pretty theme! I’m considering purchasing it, but was wondering if in the Recent Posts section, it could be customized to have a date displayed along with the title?


  19. Hi Ellen, I’m using the Dorayaki theme for, and I’m having a little trouble with the frontpage widgets: I’m using the widgets on pages plugin, and the Team member box (small) for pages. We’re 9 team members, and the trouble comes with number 8 on, which get on a different row. What could be the reason for that? Thanks!

    1. Jan

      Hey Vicente,

      i saw that you solved your problem that the 8th item gets in a different row. I got the same problem. Maybe you will share your solution of this to me and others. I’d be thankful to hear from you!

      Kind regards


    1. Serge


      I’m having the same problem, do you get a blank map with a link that opens your working map on another tab?

  20. Serge


    I’m setting up a new website using Dorayaki, is it possible to move the logo (image) to the middle of the screen in any way, and (ideally) center the menu as well?

    1. Hi Serge,
      unfortunately this is not a default theme option, but it should be possible with custom CSS.
      Best, Ellen

      1. Serge

        Thank you for the response, I’ve it possible with some additional “margin” :)

        Is there a way to completly remove the Search widget from the header?

  21. team north star

    hello Ellen,

    We have a question about the dorayaki slider – we would like to edit it so that it contains one image, without the text i.e. no split in the slider.

    Thank you so much.

    Best wishes
    North Star

  22. Hello,

    Can you inform me if there is a theme update on this theme? Since the latest WP-update the featured images are not shown correctly f.i. in portrait mode… see f.i.

    Thanks for your early response.

  23. Hello,

    The business I work for is currently building their website using the Dorayaki theme. We have been working on it for about a month now and it have put most of our content in. A couple of days ago we ran into a problem where the widgets (meet the team, slider, services) wiped off of every page. We added another user to help edit the website and it happened right after that. We are not sure if adding the user is correlated or not. Do you have an idea of what happened and how we might be able to fix it?

    Our link is here:

    Thank you!

  24. Natalia

    ¡Hi! I have a huge problem, I think. I’m using the dorayaki theme, I was trying to modified the margins and I have change something really important because now when i try to enter in my web appears that :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /usr/home/ on line 14

    There is any solution? I’m desperate, so please help me as soon as possible…

    1. Hi Natalia,
      it seems as if you have changed something in the template file “functions.php”. I would recommend to download your theme zip file again and then upload the original file “functions.php” to your webspace using an FTP program or web FTP via your hosting provider.
      I hope this is helpful!
      Best, Ellen

  25. Hi Ellen, It’s Natalia again. I would like to know hoe to change the way the menu appears in the mobile version of dorayaki responsive team. Users told me that it’s difficult to found the menu and I want to add the word ‘menu’ instead of the icon that apeears now. How can I change that? Thanks for your help!

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