Happy Easter Sale With 30% Off All Our Products

We wish you all an happy and relaxing Easter holiday break, hopefully with lots of warm spring weather. Here in New Zealand it’s officially autumn (which is still weird for us…) and it’s pretty stormy, but luckily still warm. So we are also happy to have some relaxing free time with lots of fresh air over the next days.

As a little Easter present we offer you 30% off all our WordPress themes and our entire Theme Bundle. Just use the coupon code “happyeaster” to receive the discount, when purchasing anything on our website. The coupon code will be valid from now until Wednesday, April 19th, 11.59pm (CET).

Please let us know, if you have any questions regarding our Easter sale offer. We will also release a new Uku update over the next days, featuring three new layout options (a 3- and 4-column grid and a classic blog layout). And we are also eagerly working on our next new theme right now, which will be a business theme. We are super happy regarding the theme design process so far. We will tell you more about this new theme soon :)

Happy Easter, Ellen and Manuel

  1. good afternoon
    Can I say a wish for a new version of the business site?
    Please, make sure that in the header I could put 2 phone numbers!
    We have a small firm, and two numbers (and ideally three) – it’s just that, well, that’s the most important condition
    Everyone makes layouts as if for huge corporations where there is ONE number and a bunch of secretaries translate calls to anyone who needs it – but for small businesses it’s terribly inconvenient
    And also so that these numbers are always visible in the mobile version (and, accordingly, they could immediately be called with one click)
    And please, if you can, add the icons to VKONTAKT and TELEGRAM
    This is, in fact, all
    An example of the ideal (from my point of view, of course)
    See how it appears in the mobile version!
    But otherwise the best, the real flawless minimalism
    love you)
    Thank you

  2. Duh, I missed this offer by 1 day :(
    Is there a possibility to still get the offer?
    Thanks mucho!

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