1. General

What do I need to use an Elmastudio theme?

For all WordPress themes that you purchase here on our Elmastudio website, you will need a domain and hosting package running the latest self-hosted WordPress version. You can download the free WordPress version for self-hosted websites at WordPress.org.

Which WordPress hosting do you recommend?

Ellen’s provides a list of our recommend WordPress hosting providers in her YouTube video “WordPress Hosting Recommendations 2019”. She also gives tips on what to watch out for in the video.

Do I need any knowledge of WordPress to use your themes?

If you already have your WordPress installation up and running, you won’t need any further knowledge beforehand. We also prepared detailed text documentations as well as helpful blog posts and videos to get you started. In case any questions come up, you can always ask them in our theme support forum.

Will any WordPress plugin be compatible with your themes?

We list all WordPress plugins that are specifically prepared to work with a theme in the theme documentation. That doesn’t mean that all other plugins in the WordPress.org plugin directory won’t be compatible with our themes. Most plugins will work great with our themes, but since there are thousands of plugins in the directory, we can’t promise you that every plugin will work with our themes. If you need a specific plugin to work with our themes, please contact us before your purchase, so we can help you choose the right theme for that particular plugin.

On how many domains and under which conditions can I use the themes?

You can use your theme on private and commercial websites on as many domains as you like. You can also use a theme for your client projects. Reselling our WordPress themes is not allowed.

Are all your themes optimized to be viewed on different devices?

Yes, all our themes have a responsive layout. That means the theme design adapts automatically to different screen sizes, so your website looks as great on small mobile devices as on tablets, laptops and big desktop or TV screens.

Can I use a theme in my language?

Yes, all our themes are already translated into English and German. Some themes have additional languages already available. If your theme is not translated into your language yet, you can add your translation using the Loco Translate WordPress plugin.

Can I create a multilingual website with your themes?

Yes, you can install the Multilingual plugin Polylang or WMPL to translate your website into multiple languages. Depending on where you want to show your language options, you might need to customize the theme, which will be described in the WPML and Polylang plugin documentations.

Can I use your themes for my online shop?

Yes, at the moment our three themes Weta, Hawea and Uku are prepared for the WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce.

Is it allowed to customize the theme code?

Yes, all Elmastudio themes are published under the GNU General Public License (just like WordPress itself). You can customize our theme with no restrictions just as you like. You can find more information about the GNU free software license at GNU.org.

Can I use your themes on WordPress.com?

Some of our Premium WordPress themes are available for WordPress.com users. You can see all Elmastudio themes also available on WordPress.com on our WordPress.com profile page. WordPress.com users need to purchase a theme directly from their WordPress.com dashboard unless they have a WordPress.com business account. If you have the WordPress.com business account, you can upload all our self-hosted WordPress themes that you can purchase here on our Elmastudio website to your WordPress.com account.

Do you offer theme customizations or take on client projects?

No, unfortunately, we can’t offer individual theme customizations or take on any client projects.

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2. Theme Bundle

What is the Theme Bundle?

The Theme Bundle gives you the option to purchase all our WordPress themes. So if you buy our Theme Bundle, you will receive all Elmastudio Premium themes plus all future themes and theme updates, that we release in one year starting from your date of purchase.

What advantages does the Theme Bundle have compared to a single theme?

The most significant advantage is that you get our entire theme collection including new themes, so you can quickly try out many different themes to see which you like best. This is helpful if you are not sure which theme you want to choose from the beginning of building your website, so you have all of our themes to choose from.
If you have two or more websites, you can use the themes for different projects.
Also, you can use the themes in the Theme Bundle to build websites for your clients. Last but not least, we offer a 50% discount for any further year you want to renew your Theme Bundle, so you can save on future costs using our Theme Bundle offer.

What happens, when my Theme Bundle download link expires?

You will receive an email from us about one or two weeks before your Theme Bundle download link expires. This email includes an exclusive 50% discount coupon to renew your Theme Bundle for a further year. This way you will continue to have access to all new theme releases and updates. You can continue to use all themes you purchased in the Theme Bundle after it expires, but you will lose access to theme updates and new releases. Keeping your theme up to date is important to avoid potential security risks and to ensure that your theme is compatible to the latest WordPress version.

Can I upgrade my single theme purchase to the Theme Bundle?

Yes, if you purchased one or more single themes within the last 30 days and you want to upgrade to the Theme Bundle, just write us a short email and we will send you further infos on how to upgrade your purchase.

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3. Pre Purchase

Which theme will be best suited for my website?

We can give you you some direction to help you decide which theme will work best for your website. First, you should have a look at each theme category to see if the theme offers support for E-commerce, a portfolio, a Magazine and so on. It is also helpful to have a look at our theme showcase to find inspiration and see how others are using our themes.

Which purchase options do you offer?

You can purchase our themes via Paypal and pay with Paypal credit, credit card or bank transfer. You can also pay directly via credit card. For credit card purchases we use the safe online credit card payment service Stripe. Alternatively, you can also purchase a theme via direct bank transfer. In this case please write us a short email via our contact form and we let you know the details.

Can I pay in another currency than Euro?

All prices are in Euro, but if you pay via Paypal or credit card, the amount will automatically be converted to your currency in your Paypal or credit card statements. You can check the current conversion rate with a currency converter.

How will I receive my purchased theme/Theme Bundle?

After the successful purchase, you will receive an email from us including your Theme or Theme Bundle download link and a PDF invoice for your records. With your download link, you will have access to your theme or the Theme Bundle folder at any time during one year. If you lose your download link, write us a short note via our contact form and we will send you a new download link.

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4. Updates

Are theme updates included?

Yes, after you purchase a single theme or our Theme Bundle you will have access to all theme updates for one year starting from your date of purchase. To receive the new updates, you can download the theme or Theme Bundle folder again using your download link you received with your theme purchase or login to your account to access the link. After one year you can continue using your theme or the themes included the theme bundle, but you will not have access to updates any longer.

How do I know when a new update is available?

You can follow our Theme Update Info blog, where we inform about all theme updates and changes we made in each new theme update. To get notified, subscribe to the blog via the subscribe form in the sidebar of the blog.

How often do you update your themes?

Updates depend on each theme. We always check that all our themes are compatible with the latest WordPress version and all supported WordPress plugins. You can subscribe to our Theme Update Info blog to receive notifications about our theme updates.

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5. Support

What support do you offer for your Premium themes?

If you have a question regarding a theme or problems with the theme installation or setup, please ask your questions directly via the theme support in your customer account (in English or German). Please understand that we can not answer questions regarding individual theme customizations (e.g., CSS customizations) or custom theme enhancements. To help you get started with our themes, we prepared detailed theme documentations as well as helpful blog posts and videos.

What should I do if I lost my download link?

No problem, please write a short message and let us know that you need a new download link for your theme or Theme Bundle or login to your account.

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6. Refunds

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, of course. We only want happy customers, so if you are not satisfied with your theme purchase we offer 30 days “no question asked” money back guarantee. Please write us a short email (including your order number), and we will refund you your purchase within three working days.

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